Monthly Archives: January 2013

1) I just found out that my husband thinks I moisturize my boobs. We had a good laugh over it. And then I thought, “Wait, is this something girls actually do?” So I messaged my friend and she confirmed that she did it. So now I wonder,… have I been missing out all these years? Are my boobs arid like the desert?

2) So I waxed my vag earlier this month. It’s been a while and so I didn’t quite remember what to expect in terms of regrowth. Yes, I remembered hair grew back approximately around week 3. But I do not remember it being so patchy! It’s like a Asian man during Movember down there. Yikes! So after much debating about whether I should wait til I have at least 1/4″ regrowth all around or whether I should just take off the sparse jungle I have down there, I finally booked a waxing appointment for next week. Hopefully the aesthetician won’t kick me out for some of my tiny baby hairs.

3) I’m normally a dress/skirt kinda gal. I love wearing heels and showing em off. And what better way to do so than in a cute dress? But lately I’ve been craving a good pair of skinny pants. I think I own like 2 pairs I wear on a semi-regular basis. And like 1 pair of jeans. So should I give in and buy some pants? Or is this just a phase?

4) Wait, do girls also moisturize their area? Is this a thing too that I’ve been missing out on? Can someone fill me in?



Decided to keep curling my hair, this time with my clipless iron instead. Finally figured out how to work it.

I’m wearing:
Skirt & sweater from Aritzia
Tights from Ardene
Scarf from Le Château
Shoes from Joneve like 3 or 4 years ago


Look how cute I am today! I tried curling my hair (which has already fallen flat) and a little red lipstick. I look like an overgrown Shirley Temple. But whatever.

I’m wearing:

Aritzia Exeter Blazer
Necklace: Wishbone
YSL Red Muse lipstick
Random Sephora headband
Geisha Ink liquid eyeliner


How cute was I last Wednesday? Loving the good girl vibe with my top, sweater and skirt. And the edgier vibe of my shoes and tights. Lately I’ve been upping my socks/tights game. I bought a few patterned tights in black and in beige from Sears, Ardenes, etc. A couple opaque ones too. Also some thigh highs for the retro vibe. Just placed an order with sock dreams too for some hopefully super cute socks.

Also been trying to wear my bangs before they grow out. Already covering too much of my eyes. I’m debating getting them trimmed or just growing them out altogether.


Bought this dirty rose nail polish a couple years ago when I felt like I needed more mature colours in my collection. That phase lasted one manicure and then I regained my sanity. I chose this shade to wear to a 1930s themed party tonight. I figured the rose shade would be appropriate and I have a close matching lipstick. This polish is a cream which is a nice break from the glitters I was getting sick of. I did two coats and was tempted to do a third but passed since I only plan to wear this for a short while.


With Pantone’s 2013 Color of the Year being Emerald, I thought it fitting to have my latest NOTD to be SpaRitual’s Emerald City.

The colour is slightly more blue than is shown in the picture above. I find it leans a bit turquoise rather than a true emerald. It’s a beautiful colour which feels more spring than dead of winter. But that’s a good thing – reminds me that the dreary weather isn’t here to stay.

What you see in the above picture is 3 coats (and base & top coat) and 3 days of tip wear. Emerald City is a jelly finish with no discernable shimmer/glitter. It’s just a straight jelly which is refreshing for me. I think I OD’ed on glitter over the holidays and need a bit of a metaphorical cleanse from it. This should do the trick just fine.