I’m probably too overdone for tonight’s potluck but I just felt like bright lipstick today. Of course I also had to wear my new pair of La Vie Parisienne turquoise earrings and matching teardrop necklace that my husband gave me for our seven year anniversary. (Anniversary of being together. And the one I forgot about. Oops!) (Just realized you can’t see the earrings in the photo. Oh well.)

MAC Impassioned lipstick
MAC Embrace Me lip liner
Maybelline NY Master Precise eyeliner
YSL Le Teint Touche Éclat foundation
Nars Desire blush




I got bangs! I look like I’m 12… which is probably the last time I sported bangs. I look pretty Asian but whatever. I AM Asian so there’s that. Also dyed my hair a bit darker. Trying to figure out how to style bangs in a way that doesn’t make me look:

  1. like jailbait
  2. like Brenda Walsh

Simona at HairKraft was awesome as usual and gave me a fresh new look even though I was completely indecisive when I went in. I just knew I wanted darker hair and to cut off my long angled bob into something better suited for the length. Seriously, everyone should go visit her at her salon on 8th & Main St.

Also check out the necklace my husband bought me earlier this month. I’ve been really drawn to good luck motifs lately. This one I fell in love with at Blue Ruby and bought a few months ago. But I returned it because I knew I shouldn’t have been spending the money. But my lovely husband went out and bought it for me anyway. He’s the best.

I just got these earrings on Wednesday and they’re my new favourites.

Kara by Kara Ross

Some black resin earrings from Kara by Kara Ross. Bought them at Jules & Eve in Kerrisdale. They were to go with my birthday outfit but then I realized they actually go with everything. I’ve worn them with everything the last couple days.

I really like that they’re large statement type earrings that are actually really light and don’t weigh down on my ears and make my lobes sore.

… I swear! I spent too much money last month when I got my bonus. And too much money this month when my computer died. But I had a $75 gift card at Holt Renfrew that was going to expire at the end of the month. So after a lot of looking around at various items I could get myself, I finally decided on jewellery, something rose-gold to go with my MK watch that my husband got me recently.

I was initially looking at getting the Marc by Marc Jacobs Katie bracelet, but after playing with it for a bit, I realized it was too finicky for my tastes. The links easily misaligned themselves and I’d spend all day making sure they looked proper. I was also considering getting a set of stackable rings by Folli Follie, specifically the Fireworks Rings, but wasn’t entirely sure. Would I ever bother to wear the rings separately or even be bothered to stack them properly together? I thought about getting an Alexis Bittar ring as well, but the ones Holt Renfrew carried were far too bling-y for my taste.

Finally, I decided on this Marc by Marc Jacobs Puffed Heart Ring which caught my eye. I love that it’s so ostentatiously playful, whereas most of my jewellery is decided less so which is a nice departure. But it works for me since it’s so girly like my personality. I’ve been trying to expand my jewellery horizons over the past few months and this is definitely an example of that. Now excuse me while I go admire my hand…

So for most of last week, I was away in Chicago on a business trip. I usually don’t mind business trips except that I hate being away from my husband for that long. (I’ll give you a second to gag.) (Done? Ok, let’s continue.) I got home first and when he finally came home, he presented me with this.

Holt Renfrew bag

Only good things can come from a Holt Renfrew bag.

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