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I just got waxed, like not even a half an hour ago. I was so excited about my experience that I needed to write about it right away.

So after my last waxing at Brava Salon, I decided to try a different place that’s also nearby. Trinity Salon & Spa had some good reviews on Yelp which was a good sign. When I called to book my appointment, I couldn’t get one for a week and a half which is also a good sign.

So today after work, I braved my way to the salon. It didn’t start off well as the parking meter ate my twoonie and I couldn’t pay by phone. What’s a girl to do? So I scrambled to gather all my Safeway shopping cart quarters from the change tray to put in 1 hour’s worth of time. All this time, it’s pissing rain so I’m thinking, “this place better be worth it.”

Luckily, it was.

I was a bit early for my appointment, so I was offered a massage chair to sit down in. Wow, so nice! I’ve always loved these chairs ever since I used to visit my friend place and his mom had one. While I was waiting, my aesthetician offered me water which was a simple but nice touch.

After my appointment started, I was lead to a private room. In there on the table, there was a chocolate and a card with my name on it. Wow, it’s just like at a fancy hotel! I was already pretty impressed. And before having me strip down to my bare ass, the aesthetician had me brief her on my experiences with Brazilian waxing as well as any skin concerns I may have had.

Finally, the experience started. She lifted my towel to see what she was working with – the amount of hair I had, the ingrown hairs, etc. I felt the need to immediately apologize about the patchiness as well as the ingrown hairs. However, she didn’t even flinch and didn’t seem at all worried about the tiny hairs. The wax I found a good temperature, not noticeably hot at all so I didn’t feel like I was getting burnt. Just hot enough, like I remembered it was supposed to be like. I also noticed that there was a lot less pain this time around. I didn’t know where to attribute it to my aesthetician’s skill, the idea that I maybe I got used to it, or that my hair was finer and therefore easier to rip off my skin. Either way, there was so so SO much less pain, it was like a totally different treatment from the one I had in January.

The girl who was waxing me was pretty nice too. She was very personable and a lot less judgemental than the European lady in the last place. She didn’t flinch about the ingrown hairs, didn’t berate me for having shaved in the past.

Approximately a half hour later, I was done. I was surprised and slightly scared. How could I be done already? The last time, the lady took over an hour. Did this girl leave me with a bunch of hair leftover like the last lady? So once she left the room, I proceeded to do a quick inspection. Very clean! Barely any hairs leftover save for a couple of random short ones that I could easily attack at home with tweezers later. She even got those really really short hairs I was sure were too short for waxing and really into my nooks and crannies. Wow! Again, I was impressed.

While paying for the service as well as a bottle of post-waxing serum, she loaded me up with some skincare samples which is always a bonus. Who doesn’t like free stuff? Afterwards, in my car, my aesthetician ran up to me waving the bill. Hmmm, did something go wrong with the POS machine? Nope, she thought I had over-tipped and wanted to make sure I didn’t think that the waxing itself cost $98 but that the price also included the serum. I told her I knew how much the waxing was and I meant to give her that amount for the tip. Wow, who does that?

So needless to say, I was very impressed with Trinity Salon & Spa and would highly recommend this place to anyone! Seriously, less pain, no judgement, thorough job and speedier time? What more could I ask for?

Trinity Salon & Spa
4138 Dawson St, Burnaby BC