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Bought this dirty rose nail polish a couple years ago when I felt like I needed more mature colours in my collection. That phase lasted one manicure and then I regained my sanity. I chose this shade to wear to a 1930s themed party tonight. I figured the rose shade would be appropriate and I have a close matching lipstick. This polish is a cream which is a nice break from the glitters I was getting sick of. I did two coats and was tempted to do a third but passed since I only plan to wear this for a short while.


Felt like a classic so I decided to paint my nails in Russian Navy by OPI. Still love this colour after all these years (can you believe this was released in 2007?). And the dark moody shade really suits my mood these days.

What you see here is two coats. I could almost, but not quite, get away with one coat. Sorry for the sloppy job around my cuticles, I haven’t bothered to clean up yet. Also sorry for the horrible picture with flash! But at least with flash, it really shows off the blue shimmer.

Up Front & Personal

OPI Up Front & Personal is one of my favourite gold shimmer/foils. It’s a great neutral that compliments my skintone well. My biggest beef with this particular shade is that it’s so sheer. What you see above is three coats (I wasn’t about to do a fourth). I picked up this bottle a couple years ago but I think it’s part of the OPI permanent line.

Wow, how long has it been since I did my nails? My nails has been chipping and peeling to the point where they started getting damaged at the pink area. I knew it had something to do with either the nailpolish or the nailpolish remover so I quit doing my nails altogether to give them a chance to grow back. This is about 2 weeks worth of growth, except for my thumb which I accidentally chipped and had to trim a few days ago.