Random Thoughts: January Edition

1) I just found out that my husband thinks I moisturize my boobs. We had a good laugh over it. And then I thought, “Wait, is this something girls actually do?” So I messaged my friend and she confirmed that she did it. So now I wonder,… have I been missing out all these years? Are my boobs arid like the desert?

2) So I waxed my vag earlier this month. It’s been a while and so I didn’t quite remember what to expect in terms of regrowth. Yes, I remembered hair grew back approximately around week 3. But I do not remember it being so patchy! It’s like a Asian man during Movember down there. Yikes! So after much debating about whether I should wait til I have at least 1/4″ regrowth all around or whether I should just take off the sparse jungle I have down there, I finally booked a waxing appointment for next week. Hopefully the aesthetician won’t kick me out for some of my tiny baby hairs.

3) I’m normally a dress/skirt kinda gal. I love wearing heels and showing em off. And what better way to do so than in a cute dress? But lately I’ve been craving a good pair of skinny pants. I think I own like 2 pairs I wear on a semi-regular basis. And like 1 pair of jeans. So should I give in and buy some pants? Or is this just a phase?

4) Wait, do girls also moisturize their area? Is this a thing too that I’ve been missing out on? Can someone fill me in?

  1. M said:

    My boobs were not arid until I got pregnant. I say if it doesn’t look like the sahara, leave it be, it can probably self-regulate. And you save on lotion usage that way (not that I take that into consideration).

    No moisturizing your area! That is definitely self-regulating. I shudder at the possible side effects of chemicals in the vicinity, esp if it ends up affecting er… taste or texture.

    • Good point about the side effects of moisturizing your area. Im going to leaving well enough alone.

      • M said:

        That is one area where I feel strongly that if it ain’t broke… and if it IS broke, a home remedy probably ain’t going to do much good either.

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