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Look how cute I am today! I tried curling my hair (which has already fallen flat) and a little red lipstick. I look like an overgrown Shirley Temple. But whatever.

I’m wearing:

Aritzia Exeter Blazer
Necklace: Wishbone
YSL Red Muse lipstick
Random Sephora headband
Geisha Ink liquid eyeliner

I spent way too much money this weekend. To hide my guilt and shame, I’ve decided against telling you what the prices are. Instead, here’s what I bought:

1) Talula Shrunken Exeter Blazer in black from Aritzia

Talula Shrunk Exeter Blazer

I know, everyone and their momma has one of these. But I don’t have a single blazer in my closet and I figured this is the easiest way to look put together without actually being so. Shrunken blazer because at 5’2″, my short stubby legs hated the regular one.

2) Talula Silk Tank in both Whitecap Grey and Cockatoo from Aritzia

Talula Silk Tank Top

in Whitecap Grey

Just a couple basic tanks, one in a neutral and one in a kicky mint green.

3) Monk & Lou Blazer in cream from Plenty

Monk & Lou Blazer

Something to dress up my summer wardrobe as well as, again, fake that whole “put together” look. I’m not 100% sure about this one and may end up returning it later on this week.

4) Vero Moda Blake 2/4 tank in Shiny Cobalt from Plenty

Vero Moda Blake 2/4

in Shiny Cobalt (what's so shiny about it?)

It was the colour that attracted me to this. Couldn’t help it. Lately I’ve really been into this bright blue colour lately. (But for some reason, that monologue that Miranda Priestly spouts off keeps running through my head.) I’m also on the fence about this purchase.

5) Big Blue Jessica Ankle Thin Jeggings from Plenty

Big Blue Jessica

in black rather than blue

I know, I know. The dreaded J word: jegging. But they’re so soft and comfortable and don’t look like denim. I’m hoping to be able to wear them to the work with some cute heels. Of course, on me, they’re just regular length jeggings and not ankle length.

That’s it! Of course, it doesn’t look like a lot,… until I see my Visa bill next month.