These may seriously be the highest shoes I own. They’re also surprisingly comfortable to wear. Nine West Highstakes on sale 25% off last month. Softest leather ever. And the booties go with everything.


Ack it’s been an ugly long time since I last posted anything.

First off, check out my wishlist which I updated. I know you check it frequently and are frustrated with the lack of choices of presents to buy me. Heh.

I’ve bought a whole crap ton of new stuff. (Yes, crap ton is a scientific unit of measurement.) Here’s pictures of some:

2x Bailey 44 dresses. I’ve really caught onto this brand because it’s a little more affordable than my tastes usually run and the fit is awesome on me:

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I don’t know what’s wrong with me. I always think I’m one purchase away from the perfect wardrobe. From true clothing satisfaction. Alas, it’s never enough; the want is always there in the background, gnawing away at me until I make another buy for something that I absolutely need. And I won’t stop lemming after it until it reaches my greedy little hands. Here’s what I’ve bought in the last six weeks:

Goddess Dress by Alice + Olivia

Goddess Dress by Alice + Olivia

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