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Photo taken immediately following my 1st waxing

Photo taken immediately following my 1st waxing

The other day, I was cleaning out the stuff out my old childhood bedroom and found an old photograph of my best friend and I, taken immediately after we had our first waxing: Brazilians, because if you’re gonna do it, you can’t be half-assed about it. Looking at the picture made me wistful for not only the good old days when I didn’t know better, but also for a nice, hair-free and super-smooth lady part.

So I finally took the plunge again after a seven/eight year hiatus and waxed it all off. After years of shaving my nether regions to save money, I decided I was making enough money to afford waxing again. The cost hasn’t gone up much in my absence which is a relief. Still approximately $50.

Being lazy, I just booked at the place nearest where I live which happened to be Brava Salon & Spa in Brentwood Mall. So after work this week, I splayed myself open for a middle-aged Eastern European lady who got more intimate with me and my bits than most of my college boyfriends ever ventured. (Side note: why is it that most waxing ladies I’ve ever encountered have turned out to be Eastern European?)

There were a few things I noticed were amiss during the appointment. Mainly, my aesthetician never asked me to really spread my legs to get into the hard to get to places. I had my doubts about whether she was being very thorough, but I told myself not to say anything because I didn’t want to question her. She, after all, did this for a living and I had been 8 years out of the game.

Also, I had a towel folded over my area like instructed but when my waxing lady came in, she immediately took off the towel and I was completely exposed, never to be covered by that towel again for the rest of our session.

Finally, I also have to say about my waxing lady at Brava Salon: She kept chastising me for shaving. Yes, of course I know that shaving isn’t the best thing to do to my lady bits. I know about ingrown hairs, coarser hair, etc. But when given the choice that and a hairy bush, I’m taking a razor to it. And it’s fine to say once or twice about how it’s not good to shave. But she kept harping on and on about it like it was the worse thing I’ve ever done (which, if it was true, would make me a Saint! I could go down as the first Saint in history to have a hairless vag!) She even went so far as to tell me my vag hair was the worse she’s ever seen on an Asian girl. Way to make me feel bad about myself, lady. However, I do give it to my aesthetician that she was very patient with waxing my area and then going back over it with tweezers for a good twenty minutes afterwards.

Anyway, after paying and tipping, I went home to check out her work in the privacy of my bathroom. I immediately noticed that she left some noticeable patches of hair. I knew I should have said something about why she wasn’t asking me to help spread myself. Given, I know it’s not the most pleasant job in the world to have as an aesthetician but I’m surprised at how much hair she left behind even after going at me with tweezers. (My God, how much was left behind pre-tweezing?) With a handheld mirror, I spent fifteen minutes cleaning myself up properly going to town on my stray pubes.

A few thoughts about waxing in general and Brazilians specifically:

  • The pain from having my hair ripped out of my skin wasn’t as bad as I was anticipating. If anything, the hot wax was more bothersome to me and I honestly felt like I might have been burned during the process (my skin was okay).
  • There is a world of difference between a waxed vag vs one that’s been closely shaved. The smoothness just doesn’t compare.
  • The order of most painful area to least: the mons, folds around the clit, labia, bum hole. Amazingly, you feel absolutely no pain at the bum hole.
  • Having a bare area makes me feel like I’ve got an awesome super-sexy secret and makes me feel more awesome and even super-sexier than I do on a daily basis!