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Check out how almost professional I look today. Miss Sixty dress I found on sale for $79 and Michael Kors maryjanes.



So I went to Muse Hair Salon & Spa this past Saturday to get my hair straightened. My stylist was a nice lady named Kazue who assessed my hair to be puffy with a tighter wave at the back of my head with straighter strands at the front. She said that the L’Oreal X-Tenso would take down to the puffiness but my wave would still be there. I told her my goal was to have straight hair but to do whatever she thought best because I know my hair’s also damaged so whatever she thought was best I’d do. Kazue said that with my hair’s ombre type highlights, she could Japanese straighten my hair except for those parts so they don’t end up fried. Sounds good. So without further ado, here is my hair…

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Psst! I’m getting my hair straightened today. These are the before pictures.

This is my hair all natural. Just wash and air dried. I didn’t apply any product. In terms of styling I only ran a brush through it this morning.

My hair is naturally wavy and gets dry easily. I’m always on the lookout for the next great hair product to make this bird’s nest a little more manageable. I’ve been flat ironing my hair a lot this past year except this summer when I’ve been putting it up instead. Anything to make it less ugly.

Anyway I’m going to Muse Hair Salon in Vancouver to either get Japanese Straightening or L’Oreal Xtenso. Depends on my consultation. I’ve done the Japanese thing before and I loved it. But my hair is more damaged now so we will see if its recommended or not.

Stay tuned for the after pictures.