Nail polish



Haven’t been blogging or doing my nails much lately. But figured I’d post my manicure because I can’t stop looking at my nails. It’s messy and pretty at the same time.

Essie’s “Turquoise & Caicos” under A England’s “She Walks in Beauty”.

PS: My! How my nails have grown. I haven’t been wearing much nail polish lately because my nails kept chipping and peeling regardless of whatever treatments I did so I just left them alone for a few weeks. They’re longer and stronger now which means the chipping and peeling was likely due to all the nail polish changes I was doing every few days. 


Last polish in the Deborah Lippmann trio is Popular named after the famous song sung by Kristin Chenoweth. I love Kristin. I'm ok with this polish, although not particularly excited. It's a bit of a letdown because it's so sheer. It's a jelly which I appreciate because it shows the fine shimmer in the polish and gives it dimension. But the sheer quality also required this to be a three coat manicure and I still have visible nail line. I hate that. Anyway the colour is bright and cheery like Glinda is. It's cute, pretty but kinda boring. What you see here is four days of wear. The black flecks are from my last manicure which I was too lazy to take off completely/cleanly.



I just realized I never uploaded this picture of One Short Day nailpolish from the Deborah Lippmann Trio layered over top of Defying Gravity from the same trio.

One Short Day is a gorgeous bluer green than Defying Gravity which leans more yellow green. I really love this combo. But what I really want to try is One Short Day over Emerald City from SpaRitual (how fitting a name/colour combo) because I think the greens will really complement each other.

Currently I’ve been wearing this combo since Sunday and have only just in the last two days been experiencing a lot of chipping.

So far loving this trio! Coming soon: Popular! (But first maybe a Hallowe’en themed polish?)

Two coats of Defying Gravity, my favourite song from the musical. (Followed closely by For Good.) I'm about to apply a coat of One Short Day over top but wanted to snap this picture beforehand. Defying Gravity is a cream which works well for this shade. Coverage is fine - opacity after two coats although I'd consider a third coat if I was wearing this alone.

Another pretty summer pink from the China Glaze Sunsensation Collection. This time it's a cream rather than a jelly. Bottoms Up is a pepto bismal, Barbie kinda pink. Very cool toned pink to my eye. It's bright but not so fluorescent as You Drive Me Coconuts. The formula sucked ass on this one. The first coat was abysmal but I figured the second coat should even things out. Nope. The second coat actually went on horribly. The third coat did smooth out most bald spots but it coulda used another coat afterwards. I just couldn't be bothered with a fourth coat.