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With the holidays now over, I’m weaning myself off of the glitter train with butter LONDON’s Disco Biscuit which is a hot pink jelly with tiny blue micro-shimmer.

This nail polish was a doozy because it required four coats to get 85% opacity and I still have visible nail line. It also desperately wants a top coat for two reasons: the texture is grittier than expected and the blue shimmer doesn’t really show up quite as well without it.

Nonetheless, I still love this polish because the colour is just so pretty and cheerful. And I need as much cheering up as I can get with all the depressing Vancouver weather we’ve been having lately.


The Black Knight


I think this may become one of my favourite nail polishes, particularly for the fall/winter. The Black Knight is one of the new butterLondons I picked up at Seattle’s SeaTac airport. It’s a black based polish with a ton of purple, fuchsia and blue glitter. It reminds me of space – like those astronomy pictures you see in the magazines.

What you see here is two coats with a base & top coat as well. The top coat adds a much needed glossy sheen and brings out the beautiful blue glitter giving the polish added dimension.


There’s a butterLONDON store at Seattle SeaTac airport! It’s the only one of its kind. Located inside the C gate in domestic departures. They had discounts on top of the better US pricing. I got these polishes: Disco Biscuit, Tart With a Heart, Rosie Lee, Fairy Cake & The Black Knight. All for $66 USD including taxes. Crazy…


Nail of the day: Wallis by butter LONDON which I also got from Nailpolish Canada.

It’s antique gold shimmer with a blackened base. Perfect for the fall and winter. It’s almost Spring, but I really wanted to wear this colour anyway.

Lovely colour that I haven’t really seen before from any other brand. I’ve worn this colour since Friday and I’ve only had minimal tip wear.


Nail of the day: All Hail the Queen by butter LONDON which I got on Friday from Nailpolish Canada.

It’s a cool toned beige with gold shimmer. Lovely. Colour falls somewhere between Yummy Mummy and Fash Pack.

Two coats gets me a fairly opaque finish although I could’ve used a third one if I wasn’t so lazy.

What you see here is about one day’s worth of tip wear.