Growing out my bangs

Back in June, I had a couple too many drinks with a friend before heading to my hair appointment. And I left that appointment with some heavy bangs across my forehead, starting the era of my life I like to call the Bangs Period, kinda like Picasso’s Blue Period in that it’s just been so depressing. I promptly tried to grow out about two or three weeks afterwards because I just couldn’t stand it. As it turns out, while I do look darn cute with bangs, I don’t have the patience to really style them each morning and keep up with regular bi-monthly trims to make sure they look nice.

Along the way, I’ve discovered a few ways to deal with them while they grew out and I didn’t go insane in the process.

1) Pushed to one side
The easiest thing I could do was push all my bangs to one side. The bangs I got were long enough that I didn’t have stray baby hairs that couldn’t make it over. Initially, this was my only way to wear my bangs aside from wearing them straight down. But eventually they grew too long and started to block my right eye.

2) Pinned back
The next solution was to pin back my bangs, either off to 1 side again like I did here. Or, I could pretend like faux-hawks were still in and pin them straight back. This kept the hair off my face which can be such a relief. I found the best method to pin back my hair was to create an X with the pins so they wouldn’t slip out.

3) Braided away
Over the summer, I also liked to french braid my bangs and hide it in the rest of my hair. Usually, I chose to let my hair air dry when I did my bangs like this because I loved the bohemian feel of the whole thing together. Here I have it shown with french braids on either side of my face, but I did just one side sometimes as well. Sometimes I’d braid the strand all the way down to my ends, othertimes I’d stop just over my ears.

4) Parted down the middle
My bangs have grown long enough and were re-shaped recently that I can now accomplish a middle part too. It really gives me a hippie feel to it. This one took some work to get it to look right. I had to blowdry my bangs outwards and upwards. And once parted, I had to pin them in place for a few minutes so they’d stay there (because I’ve been doing so many side parts since the beginning of my Bangs Period). Finally, once I took the pins out, I’d shoot them with a bit of hairspray just to make sure no hairs wandered.

So the lesson here folks is this: never get a haircut after you’ve been drinking.


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