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Since I’m currently fighting a bad cold and I’m ugly bloated from my period, I’ve opted out of taking pictures of myself for the time being. Instead, here’s a list of a couple of things I love and loathe.

Love: Smith’s Rosebud Salve
I’ve loved this for at least 4 or 5 years, having gone through numerous tins of the stuff. I’m a big fan of the original rose formula, although there are other versions available such as minted rose and strawberry. I love going to town with this stuff on my lips just before bed and waking up with pillowy soft lips. I usually keep two containers of Rosebud Salve with me. A tin at home so I can really slather on the stuff on my lips, my dry elbows, my zits that are just about to form underneath the surface and other general skin woes. I also keep a tube in my purse with me at all times for chapped lips.
$8.00 CAD for both the tin & the tube
Available locally at BeautymarkKiss and Makeup and all Sephora stores Canada wide.

crackled nailpolish

Loathe: Crackled nailpolish
For some reason, this nailpolish effect just looks tacky to me. It’s a cool look for maybe a minute but then I just want to take it off and do my nails properly. Perhaps because the look is undone and reminds me of chipped nailpolish. I’ve only ever seen this done well once: it was an orange-red base coat with a light gold topcoat for Chinese New Year. While I can appreciate that you’re essentially wearing two different nail colours at once, it just doesn’t appeal to my personal aesthetic.


*side note: I just realized how much more interesting this post could be if the two were related. Oh well, maybe next time.*