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Me with no makeup on! Still zit-tastic! But to a lesser degree.

I know, I know. It’s been so long since my last update regarding the Clarisonic Mia and you’re all chomping at the bit for it.

So far, it’s been great. Here’s how my skin looks now, three months in:


Right side of my face, no makeup


Left side of my face, no makeup

As you may be able to see, I’ve still got giant pores and still get acne. But it’s noticeably less severe. My skin’s cleared up 70%-80% since I started using the Mia. This means that while I still get acne, it’s usually just two or three zits rather than clusters of them. I’ve also noticed from looking at these pictures that the redness has gone away too which is great. Hopefully soon there won’t be any at all?

I was using the Mia twice daily up until a couple weeks ago when I switched it to once daily. I usually use it in the evenings when I get home from work and want to take off all the makeup and oil and other gross stuff from the day. I’ve also changed out the brush head from the one that comes with it (Sensitive) to the Deep Pore brush head for acne-prone skin. To be honest, I don’t notice any difference. It feels the same and my skin looks the same. Who knows if it actually does anything?

With my skin clearing up, I’m wearing less foundation which is awesome in the summer when it feels like it’s melting off. This is how I’m most comfortable to be honest; I prefer the no-foundation look for everyday. Speaking of foundation, I’ve also switched out my foundation from the YSL Le Teint Touche Eclat illuminating foundation to Chanel’s Vitalumiere Aqua Skin Perfecting Makeup as per my coworker’s recommendation. (Same girl that recommended I start using the Clarisonic in the first place.)


Preview of my feelings regarding this foundation

I’m not 100% sure but I think the YSL was making my skin breakout? I say this because after not using the foundation for a few weeks and my skin improving, I decided to put some on for a few hours. After washing it off my face later than evening, I noticed my skin was irritated and some major zits were forming – unusual because my skin was behaving so well up until then. I’m certain there’s a correlation between the two. To be safe, I’ve stopped using the YSL for now. We’ll see if I return to it.

So now, my biggest skin concern is all the acne scarring I’ve got left over. I’ve got lotsa dark spots on my cheeks and a couple sprinkled across my forehead. I’m thinking about checking out Clinique’s Even Better line as I’ve only heard good things. But I bristle at the cost. I’m also thinking about what to do about the texture too.



Look how cute I am today! I tried curling my hair (which has already fallen flat) and a little red lipstick. I look like an overgrown Shirley Temple. But whatever.

I’m wearing:

Aritzia Exeter Blazer
Necklace: Wishbone
YSL Red Muse lipstick
Random Sephora headband
Geisha Ink liquid eyeliner

YSL Le Teint Touche Eclat

It’s been a while since I last posted a review, eh? (Also: I’m so Canadian!) This one I’ve been waiting to review to see how much I actually like it once the initial excitement wears off.

I heard about YSL’s newest foundation on beauty blogs for a couple months before I decided to give it a go. I’ve been wearing this for a few months now and I really love it.

The main reason I’m really into this foundation is because the formula isn’t matte so I find it looks very natural on my face. The illuminating formula really helps add dimension and highlights to my face whereas most formula tend to flatten my skin’s texture. When selecting a foundation, my most important criteria is that it doesn’t look like I’m wearing any at all. This is one reason why I don’t bother with MAC foundations, mineral powder foundations like Bare Escentuals or anything with the word matte in the name. I never find the look is natural enough and veers too close to a masklike appearance.

Yet, despite it’s natural feel, the coverage is sheer yet buildable. WTF does that mean? To me that means that I can wear this foundation all over my face without feeling like I’m wearing a mask; you can definitely see my skin underneath. Yet, the coverage is buildable enough to even out my skintone and hide dark spots around my chin and my cheeks.

Also, love love love the pump that comes with! Why don’t more/all foundations come with pumps? Makes so much sense. It’s easy to control how much you dispense, you don’t have to worry about spills and it’s much more sanitary.

A couple things I’m not a fan of about this foundation:

  • a little greasy by the end of the day
  • very expensive ($55)


PS: here’s my cool-ass Christmas shirt I can finally bust out:

I look so MySpace-y

I look so MySpace-y


It says “I’m not short. I’m elf sized.”

Kourt is Red-y for a Pedi

taken in natural light

While a part of me is loath to admit that I bought something Kardashian, I have to admit that this Nicole by OPI nailpolish is one of the prettiest shades of red that I’ve ever bought. Kourt Is Red-y For A Pedi is a perfect shade of orange-red that is inspired by her signature lipstick, YSL’s Le Orange. The colour is so bright and cheerful on my nails that I can’t help but feel happy when I see it. (Which was needed this week considering how gloomy the weather was.)

What you see here is two coats without a base or top coat (I’ve been lazy lately) and 4 days worth of wear. I have to say I’m pretty impressed with this polish. This required only two thin coats to get the colour opaque and even. I’m used to three coats and sometimes even four! I also love how well the colour held up. My tips show wear but not nearly as much as I’d expect considering how it looks.

I was curious to see how close the colour resembled YSL’s Le Orange so I took a picture.

Kourt Is Red-y For A Pedi with Le Orange

Yup, pretty close match.

The colour also reminded me of another orange-red lipstick, MAC’s Lady Danger.

Kourt Is Red-y For A Pedi with Lady Danger

Another pretty close match

Kourt Is Red-y For A Pedi was a wonderful match for both lipsticks. Considering Lady Danger is one of my all-time favourite lipsticks, I suddenly understood why I am so into this nailpolish as well as YSL’s Le Orange. And just for fun, here’s a picture of me wearing Lady Danger and Le Orange. Can you tell which is which?

Lady Danger and Le Orange

MAC's Lady Danger on my top lip, YSL's Le Orange on my bottom lip

Rouge Volupte in Red Muse

I recently bought YSL’s Rouge Volupte lipstick in Red Muse (17). While I’m definitely a Lipstick Queen Red Sinner fan, I had to admit that I just may love this shade of red a little bit more.

I first heard about this shade on XOJane and have been meaning to pick up a tube ever since. But it’s only just this month that Metrotown’s Sephora started carrying YSL. (Previously, I had to go downtown to the Pacific Centre location. Which meant I never went because I’m lazy.)

Red Muse is a pinker red than Red Sinner although both shades are quite similar: a bright neutral red. This is one of those shades which really perks up my entire face and makes me feel pretty. Like I’m a fairytale version of myself.

Red Muse is also not a matte but a cream. No shimmer but definitely a sheen. The cream formula here is awesome. It glides on smoothly like a lip balm. The pigment is not only rich but applies evenly. And it’s not drying at all. The lipstick is slick and even almost feels moisturizing. And it stays. I applied at 7:30am, hastily reapplied at 2:30pm and didn’t bother looking in the mirror again until 6:30pm when I got home. The sheen had left my lips but the colour was definitely still there.

Red Muse

Picture taken in natural light. Reapplied at 6:30pm without a lipliner (which I sorely needed)

My lemmings seem to come in spurts. I always seem to veer between wanting nothing and wanting everything all at once. Lately, I’ve been seriously thinking about getting the following:

Michael Kors watch in either Rose Gold or Brown/Espresso like below.

MICHAEL by Michael Kors

MICHAEL by Michael Kors double breasted trench coat in camel (also considering a Mackage one once I see what their new S/S line looks like)

MICHAEL by Michael Kors

MARC by Marc Jacobs Natasha purse in black

Marc by Marc Jacobs

YSL Rouge Volupte lipstick in #17/Red Muse

Cambridge Satchel in 11″ vintage Classic.