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Rouge Volupte in Red Muse

I recently bought YSL’s Rouge Volupte lipstick in Red Muse (17). While I’m definitely a Lipstick Queen Red Sinner fan, I had to admit that I just may love this shade of red a little bit more.

I first heard about this shade on XOJane and have been meaning to pick up a tube ever since. But it’s only just this month that Metrotown’s Sephora started carrying YSL. (Previously, I had to go downtown to the Pacific Centre location. Which meant I never went because I’m lazy.)

Red Muse is a pinker red than Red Sinner although both shades are quite similar: a bright neutral red. This is one of those shades which really perks up my entire face and makes me feel pretty. Like I’m a fairytale version of myself.

Red Muse is also not a matte but a cream. No shimmer but definitely a sheen. The cream formula here is awesome. It glides on smoothly like a lip balm. The pigment is not only rich but applies evenly. And it’s not drying at all. The lipstick is slick and even almost feels moisturizing. And it stays. I applied at 7:30am, hastily reapplied at 2:30pm and didn’t bother looking in the mirror again until 6:30pm when I got home. The sheen had left my lips but the colour was definitely still there.

Red Muse

Picture taken in natural light. Reapplied at 6:30pm without a lipliner (which I sorely needed)


Deborah Lippmann Mermaid's Dream

I think I’m in love. As much as you can be in love with a nailpolish. Deborah Lippmann‘s Mermaid’s Dream is the prettiest shade to grace my nails in a long time.

Mermaid’s Dream is a glittery silvery aqua colour with some big teal blue glitter dispersed throughout. The colour is exactly what you’d imagine a shade called Mermaid’s Dream to look like. The texture, like most glitter nailpolishes, is gritty which is my only (teeny tiny) complain about it. Otherwise, the colour is beautiful and feels very fresh making it perfect for Spring.

The above picture is two days worth of tipwear. It’s minimal although I can see a bit of nail at the edges. I did three coats although only two is needed to achieve opacity. I did three to have a more even distribution of large teal blue glitter. I am also curious to see this colour with For Audrey (or something similar) underneath.

For Audrey

For some reason, my camera really pulls out the blue in the colour and not so much the green.

To celebrate Vancouver’s first sunny Spring weekend, I decided to bring out an oldie (but a goodie), China Glaze‘s For Audrey. I got this colour back in 2007 when it first came out because it seemed like such a unique shade that I had never seen in a nailpolish before. This is the nailpolish that kicked off my love for high-end nailpolishes (previously, I was using Covergirl, Rimmel, Sally Hansen, etc) and quirky colours. Since buying For Audrey, I’ve collected about a half-dozen other robin’s egg blue colours (and have tempted by countless others) that other manufacturers have brought out, but For Audrey will always have a special place in my stash.

The formula is thick and goopy. It applies a bit streaky too. It is far from the best formula, but the colour! Oh the colour! It makes it all worth it. I haven’t been able to stop staring at my hands since applying it.

Since I’m currently fighting a bad cold and I’m ugly bloated from my period, I’ve opted out of taking pictures of myself for the time being. Instead, here’s a list of a couple of things I love and loathe.

Love: Smith’s Rosebud Salve
I’ve loved this for at least 4 or 5 years, having gone through numerous tins of the stuff. I’m a big fan of the original rose formula, although there are other versions available such as minted rose and strawberry. I love going to town with this stuff on my lips just before bed and waking up with pillowy soft lips. I usually keep two containers of Rosebud Salve with me. A tin at home so I can really slather on the stuff on my lips, my dry elbows, my zits that are just about to form underneath the surface and other general skin woes. I also keep a tube in my purse with me at all times for chapped lips.
$8.00 CAD for both the tin & the tube
Available locally at BeautymarkKiss and Makeup and all Sephora stores Canada wide.

crackled nailpolish

Loathe: Crackled nailpolish
For some reason, this nailpolish effect just looks tacky to me. It’s a cool look for maybe a minute but then I just want to take it off and do my nails properly. Perhaps because the look is undone and reminds me of chipped nailpolish. I’ve only ever seen this done well once: it was an orange-red base coat with a light gold topcoat for Chinese New Year. While I can appreciate that you’re essentially wearing two different nail colours at once, it just doesn’t appeal to my personal aesthetic.


*side note: I just realized how much more interesting this post could be if the two were related. Oh well, maybe next time.*

When I was a little girl, I loved colouring. Aside from drawing, it was my favourite activity. Whenever I get a fresh Crayola box, I relished in the dozens of colours I had at my disposal. While other students loved their gold and silver crayons, I always on the hunt for the truest blue, the truest green and most of all, the truest red colour for all the hearts I loved to draw.

Much like my beloved red Crayola crayon, my Lipstick Queen Red Sinner is the truest red I have. It’s a true neutral red that doesn’t lean too orange, blue or pink. This shade of red is one of the few doesn’t make my lips look like small old cat lady lips. Instead, my lips look plump and juicy.

Red Sinner is perfect for those times you want to do a pinup girl look with painted red lips. I also like Red Sinner for classic evening looks (on the odds times I don’t want to go with dramatic eyes).

Red Sinner is among my favourite red lipsticks along with MAC’s Lady Danger and YSL’s Le Orange, both of which are orange reds. I also am quite into Laura Mercier’s Scarlet lip stain. Of course, my search for the the Holy Grail of red lipsticks never ends so I’ve also got my eye on YSL’s Red Muse and Besame Red.

A shade or so less bright than what we see here. Applied straight from the tube although I know I should have used a brush as my application looks a bit crooked.

Deborah Lippmann Glamorous Life

Two coats, no topcoat. I later added a third coat deciding it wasn't opaque enough.

I’ve always been partial to rose gold. Since it’s become so trendy the last couple seasons, I’ve been lapping it up. I recently discovered this rose gold tone nailpolish by Deborah Lippmann and ordered it straight away from Nailpolish Canada.

Deborah Lippmann’s Glamorous Life is definitely rose gold, leaning more rose than gold, comparing to my rose gold jewellery. Still, I quite love the colour which I think complements my skintone well.

I only needed two coats to be fairly opaque, but a third achieves true opacity without any visible nail line. You can see brush strokes which is a general consequence of metallic nailpolishes. This is fine if you have a steady hand. I had slightly low blood pressure so my hands were shaking a bit while applying.

I loved my nailpolish colour so much, I decided to throw on my Alexis Bittar collar necklace and centre my makeup around it as well. I think it’s a pretty daytime look.


I went to Holt Renfrew earlier this week and tried on this gorgeous Mackage rain jacket. It’s got a lovely hood that I doesn’t look stop when you pull it up. And the waist has snap closures that lets you cinch it or you can wear it looser. (I guess that depends on whether your splurged on All-You-Can-Eat sushi or not.) I love it in camel but it’s also available in black.

Mackage Layla
$450 + taxes
At Holt Renfrew, Aritzia
online at