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It’s been a really busy couple days lately so I haven’t done a couple looks. And my nails are peeling, cracking, chipping, dying, etc. So no nails either. So it’s time for another edition of loves & loathes.

Love: my new Marc by Marc Jacobs Natasha purse
So I caved and bought it last month at Aritzia with my work bonus. It’s my first big purse in a long time. For the last 3-4 years, I’ve been carrying around small purses that are just roomy enough for my wallet, cellphone and my lipstick/gloss. The Natasha not only has enough room for all of those things but also my keys, an umbrella and a Vitamin Water. I just have to make sure this doesn’t devolve into those gigantic purses I used to carry & gave me shoulder pain.

Natasha, Marc by Marc Jacobs


Loathes: the absurd $435 pricetag of Mulberry’s Mini Cookie bag
I accidentally went into Holt Renfrew to look at the Marc by Marc Jacobs purse (and didn’t buy since no one helped me) and saw this purse as well as the regular size Cookie purse (which retails for approximately $1000). Of course, I had to go pick it up and fall in love with the softness of the leather. And the scrumptious scalloping. I love it in the creamy white but I think I’m leaning towards caramel colour for practicality. But wow, I cannot afford to spend four digits on a purse. It already took me two years to finally buy the MK bag above. So even though I haven’t been able to stop thinking about this purse since I saw it, I’ll just have it let it be. Some love stories don’t end happily.

Mini Cookie bag in Ocre

If this came in a natural leather I'd be all over that.