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I got bangs! I look like I’m 12… which is probably the last time I sported bangs. I look pretty Asian but whatever. I AM Asian so there’s that. Also dyed my hair a bit darker. Trying to figure out how to style bangs in a way that doesn’t make me look:

  1. like jailbait
  2. like Brenda Walsh

Simona at HairKraft was awesome as usual and gave me a fresh new look even though I was completely indecisive when I went in. I just knew I wanted darker hair and to cut off my long angled bob into something better suited for the length. Seriously, everyone should go visit her at her salon on 8th & Main St.

Also check out the necklace my husband bought me earlier this month. I’ve been really drawn to good luck motifs lately. This one I fell in love with at Blue Ruby and bought a few months ago. But I returned it because I knew I shouldn’t have been spending the money. But my lovely husband went out and bought it for me anyway. He’s the best.


I’ve been meaning to write about HairKraft Studio since I got my hair cut & coloured there a couple weeks ago. It’s a small hair salon just off of Main St & Broadway. They just opened their doors a couple months ago but already, they’re pretty heavily booked up. That’s because of Simona & Sabrina who left Rain Hair Salon to open up their own place.

Simona’s only been cutting my hair for the last year but since I first sat on her chair, I don’t want to see any other stylist. And that says a lot because I’m not really good at being a loyal client, valuing convenience far more than I should. But Simona’s got this awesome way of giving me exactly the great hair I want without much instruction. She’s also really speedy so whereas I’ve sat at a salon for over three hours before getting my hair cut & coloured, she usually has me outta there within 1.5 – 2 hours tops.

Hairkraft Studio is a small space but with lots of natural light because of their big windows all along one wall. They use Kevin Murphy and L’Oreal Professional products. Kevin Murphy I’ve never used before but I’ve always been a fan of L’Oreal products – especially their deep conditioners which have always done wonders for my hair.

They’re also a Green Circle salon according to their facebook page which means awesome news:

Guess what? We have officially become a GREEN CIRCLE SALON!!!!! What does that mean? There is little to no waste from all your services! Metal color tubes and all our foil get recycled, all the hair is used to make mats to soak oil spills AND is being used for research to pull the keratin out of the hair to RECONSTRUCT NERVE damage….. HOLY!!! Color get stored until there is 1 tonne of it, then it gets sorted into water, salts and toxic sludge. This toxic sludge gets stored in a safe container until VANCOUVER gets a carbon off set plant (in the works) that will take nasty chemicals and spew out eco-friendly energy!!! We are so excited to be part of this:) Making the Earth a better place & some hot new hairstyles to go along with it!

It’s always awesome to find a place that makes the world a better (greener) place.

Check out HairKraft studios if you’re looking for a haircut or colour. You’ll be happy you did.

HairKraft Studios
155 East 8th Ave
Vancouver, BC
Ph: 604-505-5953