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My hair doesn’t look great but it feels great! I should really consider dying the orange out.

Since approximately September, I’ve been bleeding money outta all my orifices (you’re welcome for the visual). So when I ran outta my usual shampoo and conditioner last month, I wasn’t as tempted to drop major cash on a salon brand. Enter: Ren Cleansing Conditioner by Renpure which randomly caught my eye during a routine grocery shopping trip. I wasn’t sure how similar it was to Wen Cleansing Conditioner which I’ve heard touted online as a saviour for unruly hair. (Ok, it was just one xoJane article, but it still intrigued me.) This must be similar right? I mean, Wen and Ren are only 1-letter off from each other. That must mean something!

So I bought it, even though I was having doubts at the register about it leaving my hair greasy and tangled and more fried looking than it started. Luckily, my fears were unfounded and I’ve actually stumbled upon a great drugstore product.

Prior to using Ren, my hair was fried from over processing (hair dye, more dye and then Japanese straightening), super dry (from consistent flat ironing and blowdrying) and coarse (thanks for my mom for those genes). Since using the product, my hair feels softer and less tangled than before. Like it’s touchable even!


  • It really works! The results are immediate upon your first cleanse and improve thereafter.
  • I also noticed a big improvement in my hair after deep conditioning with my regular deep conditioner after using this stuff regularly. My hair is shiny like Pantene immediately afterwards.
  • Less than $10 a bottle. You won’t feel like an idiot for spending a whole wad of cash if this doesn’t end up working for you.
  • Readily available – Save-On-Foods and London Drugs both have it on their shelves. I assume so does anywhere you can buy shampoo/conditioner and coffee and toilet paper at the same time.


  • The smell – I can’t stand the mint smell which is too strong for me. Apparently it doesn’t bother anyone else around me though. (PS: I got the Sweet Pomegranate scent but maybe the Rosemary Mint may fare better?)
  • You have to massage this into your head for a full two minutes before letting it sit there for another few minutes. Who has this kind of time? Who has this kind of arm strength? (Once my arms start getting sore, I start counting the seconds faster.)
  • At twelve pumps per application, it’s a lot of product being used each time. Although I suppose it’s a lot cheaper than using twelve pumps of Wen?

Yes, that’s twelve pumps! What I’ve discovered is best for me is six pumps to cleanse the top, front and sides of my scalp. Another two pumps for underneath. Then it’s scrub/massage for two minutes. And finally, four more pumps for the hair shaft down to the ends.

Admittedly, thanks to all the work that goes into this, I’m not a big fan of washing my hair. But the results are so nice when I’m done.