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When I was a teenager, I used to have weird and gross teenager habits, like most teenagers. Picking at the pimples around my chin, combing through my hair looking for the odd curly ones that grew at the crown. But one of the truly weird ones: when I was on the phone with my girlfriends, I’d often be talking while plucking out my leg hairs. There was something oddly satisfying about tugging at a lone ingrown hair, digging at it and pulling it out. Sometimes, I’d just stare at the little hair at the end of my tweezers and then at my hairless legs, like an oil painter does, admiring his artwork.

Anyway… I eventually grew out of this gross habit after realizing how much easier it was to shave and get on with my life.

A couple weeks ago, I decided to buy a Veet waxing kit and have a go at my nether regions. Unsurprisingly, that was not very successful and I was left with a throbbing vagina and a boxful of 8 wax strips I didn’t have a use for. At the time, I had recently shaved my legs so I just threw the box in the drawer and waited for my leg hairs to grow out a bit.

This weekend, I decided it was time. My leg hair was visible so I wanted to give it a try and actually not waste those wax strips. After rubbing them between my palms and placing them on my shins, I ripped off not expecting much. To my surprise, all my leg hairs went with the strip and my shins were oh-so-smooth. And more surprising: I felt an unexpectedly satisfying feeling looking at all the little leg hairs on the strip. There was very little pain; just enough so that you knew you were doing something. And the end result was so nice! I quickly go down to waxing both my legs with much aplomb.

Now I can’t wait until I get a little bit more leg hair and can have another go at them with the rest of my wax strips.


Smooth legs thanks to Veet