Review: Lipstick Queen Red Sinner

When I was a little girl, I loved colouring. Aside from drawing, it was my favourite activity. Whenever I get a fresh Crayola box, I relished in the dozens of colours I had at my disposal. While other students loved their gold and silver crayons, I always on the hunt for the truest blue, the truest green and most of all, the truest red colour for all the hearts I loved to draw.

Much like my beloved red Crayola crayon, my Lipstick Queen Red Sinner is the truest red I have. It’s a true neutral red that doesn’t lean too orange, blue or pink. This shade of red is one of the few doesn’t make my lips look like small old cat lady lips. Instead, my lips look plump and juicy.

Red Sinner is perfect for those times you want to do a pinup girl look with painted red lips. I also like Red Sinner for classic evening looks (on the odds times I don’t want to go with dramatic eyes).

Red Sinner is among my favourite red lipsticks along with MAC’s Lady Danger and YSL’s Le Orange, both of which are orange reds. I also am quite into Laura Mercier’s Scarlet lip stain. Of course, my search for the the Holy Grail of red lipsticks never ends so I’ve also got my eye on YSL’s Red Muse and Besame Red.

A shade or so less bright than what we see here. Applied straight from the tube although I know I should have used a brush as my application looks a bit crooked.


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