Review: YSL Red Muse

Rouge Volupte in Red Muse

I recently bought YSL’s Rouge Volupte lipstick in Red Muse (17). While I’m definitely a Lipstick Queen Red Sinner fan, I had to admit that I just may love this shade of red a little bit more.

I first heard about this shade on XOJane and have been meaning to pick up a tube ever since. But it’s only just this month that Metrotown’s Sephora started carrying YSL. (Previously, I had to go downtown to the Pacific Centre location. Which meant I never went because I’m lazy.)

Red Muse is a pinker red than Red Sinner although both shades are quite similar: a bright neutral red. This is one of those shades which really perks up my entire face and makes me feel pretty. Like I’m a fairytale version of myself.

Red Muse is also not a matte but a cream. No shimmer but definitely a sheen. The cream formula here is awesome. It glides on smoothly like a lip balm. The pigment is not only rich but applies evenly. And it’s not drying at all. The lipstick is slick and even almost feels moisturizing. And it stays. I applied at 7:30am, hastily reapplied at 2:30pm and didn’t bother looking in the mirror again until 6:30pm when I got home. The sheen had left my lips but the colour was definitely still there.

Red Muse

Picture taken in natural light. Reapplied at 6:30pm without a lipliner (which I sorely needed)

  1. Even the container is lovely. But the price is a little too steep for me. I have a 15% off coupon for sephora, would you like that?

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