Mia Sonic Skin Cleansing: Day 26

Left side of my face, no foundation or concealer.

Left side of my face, no foundation or concealer.


Right side of my face, no foundation or concealer.

While waiting to leave for Harrison Hot Springs for the May long weekend, I figured I’d update y’all on how my skin’s been doing. Yes, I am wearing makeup in the two above photos. But it’s only eye makeup and lipstick. No foundation, concealer, etc. I’ve been regularly using the Clarisonic Mia for almost a month. My coworker who recommended I use the Clarisonic in the first place notices a big difference in my skin. But I don’t seem to notice as much. Or maybe I was hoping for a more drastic improvement?


  • Definite improvement in my skin’s texture. It’s not as bumpy and definitely more even. To the point where I can feel confident going without foundation again.
  • I’m not longer breaking out on my forehead and it’s not as much on my temples or chin anymore.
  • Most of the spots are acne scars from past zits. While ugly, at least they’re not current zits?


  • Yup, still getting zits and pimples on my cheeks. Not as many as before – definitely not as many of those red painful under-the-skin ones, but I still get breakouts. These days, it’s more like whiteheads.
  • Enlarged pores, check. I think this is genetic though as my mom’s pores are also huge.
  • Redness is still there. It occurs to me though that the rotating brush may be slightly irritating to my skin?

At this point, I’m going to continue using the Clarisonic Mia twice daily. There is an improvement and I want to see how much my skin can improve with regular continued use.

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