Shellac Manicure: Day 5

20130422-083829.jpg… The massacre continues. It looks like my index finger is no longer bothering keeping my pretences with this Shellac manicure and is taking care of the removal business on its own. May need to go into a salon to get this taken care of sooner than I thought. Also my coworker who got her nails done at the same time tells me the shellac on one of her toenails completely fell off. Hahaha

  1. jessica said:

    Boo! Seems like there are too many bad salons out there using the product incorrectly! I’ll ask our educator out in the west coast if she knows any good nail places in the Vancouver area…

    • Thanks for the concern Jessica. I’m sure there are lots of great places to go to. I just had the bad luck to find one of the few that are not so great. That or they didn’t like that I was using a groupon and didn’t bother doing a good job.

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