Mia Sonic Skin Cleansing: Day 1


Last Christmas (I gave you my heart…), my sister in law gave me a Clarisonic Mia cleansing brush. While I definitely appreciated the gift, I just didn’t really feel like using it. But when my coworker told me last week about how she knew a girl who used it and saw amazing and quick results I was intrigued. So I dug it out of my bathroom cabinet and gave it a whirl for the first time today.

My skin has been gross ever since I got off birth control pills last year. It is oily and sensitive. It reacts to everything, even temperature and seasonal changes. And my cheeks breakout, yet they’ve got dry patches. Ugh. I’ve been wearing more and more foundation – something I used to never wear at all. So hopefully, this will be the answer to my prayers? We’ll see… Anyway, here’s where my skin currently is at:


Left side of my face, no makeup


Right side of my face, no makeup

As you can see, zits, pimples, enlarged pores and redness everywhere. It ain’t a pretty picture. I feel bad for my husband who has to wake up to this every morning. Yikes!

Immediately after using the Mia in the shower, I have a couple thoughts:
-I like that it’s timed to shut off after 1 minute. It helps me realize how little time I spend rubbing my cleanser into my face.
-My skin feel smoother – I guess the rotating brush also serves to exfoliate? Makes sense.
-My moisturizer seems to be sinking in better, but that may just be my imagination wanting to believe that the Mia will be making a big difference to my complexion.

PS: Finally got at my stache with a pair of tweezers. Ah, the peace of mind that comes with a hair free upper lip.

  1. Lyn said:

    I’ve been using my clarisonic for a year. It would be one of my 3 items if I was stuck on a deserted island… Just saying…

    • The other two items being… a boat and a paddle?

  2. M said:

    Ditto the deserted island item. My clarisonic saved my post-pill pizza face. I did have to switch to the blue Delicate brush head though – even the Sensitive one was too much for me.

    • Oh I’m so glad to hear other people’s success stories with this thing. Gives me hope that my face isn’t a lost cause and maybe one day I’ll see clear skin too.

  3. ML said:

    Ok. I want a follow up! My face is so oily and red too 😦 also I am starting to see wrinkles!

    • Yes I think if you’re cursed with oily skin, Mother Nature should give you a break with wrinkles. Ugh. I’ll definitely keep everyone posted about the Mia. Hopefully not more ugly complexion soon.

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