2013 Resolutions

I know, I know, how gauche to still be doing resolutions because they set you up for failure, because if you really wanted to change, you wouldn’t wait til the New Year to do so, etc. Whatever. I am trying to be positive here and believe that anything’s possible once you put your mind to do. Anyway, here are my beauty/clothes/shopping resolutions:

1) Grow my hair out long but also healthy. I will not just let it grow out with split ends and all and never see the hairstylist until it’s like 6″ grown out. I know I have a tendency to do this when I want to grow my hair out because I always feel a sense of guilt for not keeping the hairstyle they gave me. But it’s my hair damnit. I’m thinking I want about another 4″ – 6″ of length.

2) Do less online shopping. Because while I love love love online shopping, especially for the deals and the choice, I find I’m less in touch with how much I’m actually spending. I think in general, more shopping with actual cash in hand is a good idea. I’m hoping to be able to save some money this way. And hopefully, I’ll end up throwing out fewer items at the end of each season.

3) Wear more colour. Not on my face. God knows I have no issue with gaudy makeup. I need more colourful clothes – I’ve found that lately, all I wear is black or grey. When did I get so depressed? I love black because it’s so slimming and I’m just drawn towards charcoal greys. But colours make me happy and shouldn’t I try to be happier?

4) Buy only what I love rather than buy what I love – at this price point. It’s hard to tell the difference a lot of the time. But that’s how I end up with a closet full of clothes I only kinda sorta like and a handful of items I love to wear all the time. I want to have a closet full of clothes I want to wear all the time so I’ll be less inclined to shop all the time (that’s the theory anyway).

  1. I can definitely relate to #4.
    It’s true that New Year resolutions usually end in failure, but it’s still good to have goals. I hope you achieve yours!
    Happy New Year Anna 🙂

    • Thanks Helen! Happy New Year to you too! It’s always good to try to improve yourself, even if it’s in superficial ways. 😀

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