New Haircut!


I got bangs! I look like I’m 12… which is probably the last time I sported bangs. I look pretty Asian but whatever. I AM Asian so there’s that. Also dyed my hair a bit darker. Trying to figure out how to style bangs in a way that doesn’t make me look:

  1. like jailbait
  2. like Brenda Walsh

Simona at HairKraft was awesome as usual and gave me a fresh new look even though I was completely indecisive when I went in. I just knew I wanted darker hair and to cut off my long angled bob into something better suited for the length. Seriously, everyone should go visit her at her salon on 8th & Main St.

Also check out the necklace my husband bought me earlier this month. I’ve been really drawn to good luck motifs lately. This one I fell in love with at Blue Ruby and bought a few months ago. But I returned it because I knew I shouldn’t have been spending the money. But my lovely husband went out and bought it for me anyway. He’s the best.

    • Yup! I love my hairdresser. She’s good at what she does, quick, super friendly and has a place 1 block away from work. What more could a girl ask for?

    • OOps! You mean my husband. Yes, I suppose he’s a keeper too.

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