New Purchases: Early July Edition

Yikes! It’s early July and I’ve already spent too much money. Went shopping yesterday and got the following:


Mini Willis in British Tan

A new Coach purse: the Mini Willis in British Tan. I’ve been waiting for my local Coach to carry this purse in this specific colour since they first brought out the Willis bags a few months ago. Up until now, it’s been mostly the pastel colours which makes sense for Spring/Summer. But I love the tan colour which matches nicely with some of my tan shoes. The purse is small – really small. I wore it out yesterday to meet up with some friends. I could fit my wallet snugly inside with just enough room for a lipstick. My phone had to go in the outside back pocket. (I later decided to just take out my credit card, debit card & ID and put it into the inside pocket. That way, I could also bring my eyes and sunglasses too. I may need to buy a tiny wallet later for this.


Bailey 44 You’re The Top Dress

I saw this in the store window of the Mens Club store and knew immediately I had to have it. I love striped dresses but usually the strips aren’t flattering. However, this Bailey 44 dress has the stripes going in a crisscross pattern which makes my waist look tiny. And I also appreciate that it’s not a bandage style dress. Love the styling and can’t wait to wear this somewhere to show off.


Plenty blouse also available in white & pewter

Also, this black silk blouse by Plenty. It’s got a bit of a peplum which I’m not 100% sure I’m into yet, but hey! What better time to try out a trend than when it’s on sale? I originally wanted this in white but it sold out. Damn all you tiny Asian girls out there who buy out my size!


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