Michael Kors watch

So for most of last week, I was away in Chicago on a business trip. I usually don’t mind business trips except that I hate being away from my husband for that long. (I’ll give you a second to gag.) (Done? Ok, let’s continue.) I got home first and when he finally came home, he presented me with this.

Holt Renfrew bag

Only good things can come from a Holt Renfrew bag.

I wasn’t really expecting anything since we weren’t exactly at an anniversary, birthday or special occasion yet. We were a little bit away from our dating anniversary. Excitedly, I looked inside to find this.

Michael Kors box

Michael Kors is the way to a girl's heart.

Ack! It had to be a Michael Kors watch! Just had to be. I’d been eyeing one for a couple of months now (and been wanting a rose gold watch in general for over a year since I saw my sister-in-law wearing one).

Michael Kors watch

Rose gold is what dreams are made of.

It was a Michael Kors watch in rose gold! Seriously, I have the best husband ever! I’d been watching one for a long time and only hesitated buying one because my husband bought me my current watch a few years ago. So I didn’t want to hurt his feelings by buying a new watch.

Michael Kors watch

Style MK5128

I didn’t have time to do a good manicure so no nail pictures here. It’s currently a bit large and I need to take it into Holt Renfrew to get a few links taken out. But otherwise, it’s perfect and I’m so excited to wear it out.

Yay pretty watches.
And most of all, Yay awesome husbands!

  1. It’s very nice! YAY for best husbands! 🙂 welcome back too. Did you like Chicago?

    • Thanks! I enjoyed the little bit I did see of Chicago between the airport, hotel and conference centre. Have you ever been?

  2. Lyn said:

    Its beautiful!! Now I want one….

    • Thanks! I love it. You should ask Hoang to get you one.

  3. Hi, really like it, do you know which model it is? I can then look it up on his website

    • Hi, sorry for the late reply. If you’re still interested, it’s MK5128.

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