BB Creams: An Update

Garnier BB Cream

Kept in my bathroom counter so I can remember to apply in the mornings

So it’s been about a month since I’ve started using Garnier’s Miracle Skin Perfector BB Cream in light/medium. I picked it up because I had a three dollar off coupon inside my latest Elle Canada magazine.

As you’ll remember, I was initially hesitant about trying out BB Creams but decided to give it a shot since I got a deal for it. So what’s the verdict?


  • I really works to reduce the redness in my face which is something I’m always concerned about. I don’t have rosacea but I do have sensitive skin which is often red in the cheeks and sometimes my chin. The BB Cream helps tone down the redness and doesn’t irritate the areas.
  • It’s convenient to moisturize and apply foundation in one step. I don’t generally wear foundation but I do moisturize. But I found I did enjoy the extra coverage I was getting out of it. I can imagine for some girls who wear sheer foundation, this will help save time in the mornings by eliminating 1 step from their beauty routine.
  • It always felt comfortable on my face, never sticky which some moisturizers and foundations can feel. This is problematic for me especially because of the aforementioned sensitive skin issue.
  • The makeup always looked natural which is important to me. The mask effect from foundation is one main reason I generally do not wear foundation. I’d rather people see my skin (flaws & all) rather than seeing me with a foundation mask on.


  • It’s easy to over-moisturize with this, especially if you’re looking for more coverage. I found when I had a breakout, I was over-applying because the coverage just wasn’t enough. Ultimately, I ended up applying a separate moisturizer and a separate foundation for when I wanted to achieve a flawless face.
  • If my skin was flaky from a dried up zit, the BB cream would emphasize rather than camouflage it. My skin needs to be lightly exfoliated every day to keep it smooth.
  • The finish is supposed to be glowy but I ended up looking oily as my skin goes between normal and oily already. I found I was always lightly dusting my nose to keep it from being too shiny.

According to Garnier, I should have been a difference at around two weeks of regular use. My skin initially started off irritated and had broken out around my cheekbones. I do notice that the redness has been reduced. My skin’s still prone to breaking out, but I don’t think it’s from the BB cream (which neither causes nor treats my acne). My wrinkles are also still there. I don’t have many – just tiny ones under my eyes. They’re still there and don’t appear to be in a hurry to go somewhere.

Right now, I’m not 100% ready to say Yay or Nay on BB creams. I think I like them better than my initial impression of them. But I’m still on the fence about whether it’s better to go with a BB cream rather than a separate moisturizer & foundation – both of which I can customize to work better for my skin than an all-in-one solution. (I’ve often found that all-in-one solutions usually aren’t that effective.)


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