BB Creams: Why I haven’t given in… til now

Over the last year, I’ve had multiple friends ask me if I’ve tried out BB creams yet. I guess because they know I’m a makeup enthusiast (read: fanatic) and read beauty blogs (and wrote my own at one point).

[BB creams, as I’m sure most ladies who are reading right now know, are supposed to be an all-in-one cream. Depending on which one you’re looking at, that all-in-one can include skincare, foundation, concealer and SPF, amongst a whole host of other things.]

I had yet to buy a BB cream yet even though it sounds right up my alley. I’d been tempted the last few months though because it’s so readily available (at my local drugstore even) and so popular right now. Still, I had a couple of reservations about BB creams that I wasn’t able let go of just yet.

1) The BB creams currently in the North American market seem to be catering towards those with dry skin. I’ve had oily, acne-prone skin since I was fifteen so I generally don’t need or want to moisturize my skin more than my light morning moisturizer (which already has SPF). And my moisturizer does a great job for me so it’s not like I’ll be giving it up in favour of BB creams. The BB creams in the Asian market seem to treat blemishes/acne but that doesn’t seem to have translated when they brought the product over here to Canada.

2) I just don’t like to wear foundation in general, preferring the look of my bare skin to a “flawless” finish (read: mask-like). I usually lightly powder to take off the shine and that’s it. On the days I’m feeling ambitious, I’ll rub a drop or two of foundation on both my cheeks to take down the redness. I know that most BB creams promise light coverage but it still feels like too much for my tastes.

Nonetheless, this weekend, I took the plunge and bought my first one: Garnier Miracle Skin Perfector BB Cream, using a $3 off coupon. I have yet to try it out although I’m not really optimistic. I’ll report back the results later.

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  1. I use Makeup Forever foundation and powder in one so I never have to use liquid foundation ever again! It gives such a smooth yet natural matte-like finish. Let me know how the BB cream goes.

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