Review: Lipstick Queen Rose Sinner

Over the last year or two, I’ve developed an acute affinity for lipsticks. And not just your boring MAC Hug Me lipsticks (although I do love those too!) but BRIGHT and MATTE lipsticks. Enter: Lipstick Queen by Poppy King. Her Sinner line of lipsticks is everything this lipstick freak could ever ask for. (Namely, bright and matte.)

Last month, I purchased Rose Sinner off looking for a deeper everyday lipstick to wear on the days I wanted to call a bit more attention my lips without going so far as red. Rose Sinner surprised me when I opened it for the first time. It’s a lot darker than online swatches lead me to believe. It’s definitely a berry colour that hovers near pink-red. It’s definitely a lot deeper than I was looking for.

Thus far, I haven’t gotten much use out of Rose Sinner. It’s a bit too bright for daytime but not bright enough for nighttime. I’m thinking I should just suck it up and road test it around at work to see how I feel about it.

The colour is less fuchsia in real life and more berry. Applied straight from the tube.

I reviewed Lipstick Queen’s Sinner formula in my previous review for Pink Sinner here.


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