NOTD: butter LONDON Wallis


Nail of the day: Wallis by butter LONDON which I also got from Nailpolish Canada.

It’s antique gold shimmer with a blackened base. Perfect for the fall and winter. It’s almost Spring, but I really wanted to wear this colour anyway.

Lovely colour that I haven’t really seen before from any other brand. I’ve worn this colour since Friday and I’ve only had minimal tip wear.

  1. June said:

    Did you put a top coat on your polish? I found my butter polish wore out quite easily…..only had one coat on and it didn’t last a day. They have some nice colors tho.

    • Hey June, actually I forgot to apply a top coat and it’s been lasting pretty well. This polish seems to be the exception though. Most of my BL polishes do seem to chip easily.

  2. Yvonne Fong said:

    I have that colour too, from winter. I liked it because I hadn’t seen that sort of shade before too!

    • Been wearing it all week and still totally love it. I think I may need an eyeshadow in this colour.

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