Nailpolish Canada

Along with my massively overflowing makeup collection, I’ve also amassed quite a large nailpolish one too. I love painting my nails a different colour each week. Usually, I buy OPI or Essie as it’s the most readily available where I live. Once in a while, I find a China Glaze bottle at Winners or buy a bottle from a makeup company like MAC, but mostly I stick with those two brands.

I’ve recently discovered a new website that’s opened up a world of options for me: Nailpolish Canada. In addition to carrying OPI, Essie & China Glaze, they also carry Deborah Lippman, butter LONDON and Spa Ritual.

I’ve also noticed that with most/all nailpolishes, they helpfully include a box titled “pictures from the web” which links directly to various blog reviews and swatches! So much easier than opening up a new tab and doing a google search.

The best part for me though is the shipping. It’s free for orders $29 or over. It’s also super fast: I placed my order on late Tuesday afternoon and received it by Friday. Their Shipping and Returns info page states “[w]e want you to love us so FAST shipping is our top priority.” I have to say: it’s working!

I bought three new nailpolishes:
Glamorous Life by Deborah Lippman
Wallis by butter LONDON
All Hail the Queen (formerly All Hail McQueen) by butter LONDON

All of which were packed wonderfully with bubblewrap and styrofoam peanuts.

I couldn’t be happier with my purchase from Nailpolish Canada and will definitely be buying from them again.


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