Trackers and Anonymous Stalkers

The other day, I was checking out my sitemeter,
randomly perusing through the “referrers” page and I saw a yahoo search
entry for “boobie emoticons”. Somehow that lead people to my page.
Hahahahaha. Turns out I’m on the 2nd search page. Look me up.


People commonly refer to the Internet as
“anonymous”. But more and more, I’m finding that it’s really quite easy
to be exposed and watched.

What with all the trackers for Xanga
alone out there, everyone knows who’s come by, how they got there, and
how long  they stayed. We can have a list of how many times
everyone’s visited and from what ip addresses. Not even logging off is
suffice to keep your anonymity. (There are, however, certain people who
have managed to stay under the radar of these trackers, and I’d like to
ask you how you did it.)

I can attest to the popularity of these
trackers. Most of the time when I randomly click on a person’s page
without leaving a comment, I will almost inevitably have them click
back on my own page to check out who it was. Of course, I do that same.
I tend to check out how someone got to my page, and if it sounds
suspicious, like from a search, I go to check it out – especially
considering I’ve had a few people plagiarize my writing. Sometimes it’s
really outta curiousity about who it is.

It’s odd to see who
constantly comes by but never say anything. (I’m a friendly girl. I
won’t bite… unless provoked.) It kinda hurts my feelings to see some
people who know me in real life come by a few times and not even say
hi. (Of course, since I then know who it is, how come I don’t say hi
first?) It’s annoying to have people read my page and respond on their
own page indirectly attacking me. (If you got something to say, say it
to me. It’s fun to engage in debates) It’s disturbing how easily
stalkers can find you and keep tabs on you (No, I haven’t heard
anything from him since January). But moreso than any/most of this is
the detrimental effect these trackers seem to be having on creativity.

for one, find my writing has become inhibited knowing more and more
people read my journal. I don’t write with the full force of my
emotions, knowing all too well certain people read this page and read
much more into it than I intend to. I know if I really wrote about how
I felt, I’d hurt some feelings. I also have the distinct feeling that
people are judging me based on my writings, as if they have a clear
picture of who I am.  So lately, I’ve been writing “safely” and
this in turn has resulted in a writer’s block.

The solution seems to be either

1) Screw it all and just write. Let people think what they want to think.

2) Stop writing altogether.

Get a new Xanga and try again to maintain a decent level of anonimity
(of course, my attention whore side will never let me get away with

4) Get rid of all my trackers and just pretend no one really stops by here.


Which “Saved By The Bell” Character Are You?

  1. I would say to screw it all and just write. It’s your site, and your space and if people don’t like it then too bad! 
    Yep it’s pretty scary that our anonymity is at stake on the internet with all of the trackers and stuff… but I guess that’s what it’s come to. 

  2. Anonymous said:

    Ditto. I have the exact same problem as you….I’ve stopped writing as much as I used to exactly based on the reasons you stated above. There are just too many damn nosy people out there who like to leave nasty hate comments just for the sake of it, and I really don’t feel like opening up my personal life like a book for these people to view.
    I’ve actually started a new Xanga but then again, I haven’t given it away to anyone, and it gets a bit tad boring without anyone commenting on it. Yes, I’m an attention whore too…but I do somehow miss those days where I could just write for the heck of it, without having to offend people or cater to anyone, really.
    Haha…I do the same with my sitemeters and xtrackers and suhock….I thought I was the only one anal enough to do that. I’ve had people search me up just be restaurants I went to and ate and wrote about on my Xanga. Haha…
    If you find a good solution, do let me know too. I promise I’m not a stalker. I happened to come by your page through SaLLy’s page one day.

  3. writing on xanga is like walking down the street.  do as you would within your own comfort level, knowing that anyone who is walking down the same street can see you. 
    i only check those sites that leave comments on my site, those that wish to be known to me.  for all the others who come and go…well, they’re just walking down the street and i happen to be in their view. 

  4. hey, someone searched on alta vista for “my bikini” or something like that.. .and got MY xanga page! LOL!
    hmm… i must admit, i have a list of people i routinely “stalk” (what else are you supposed to do while your procrastinating on studying or killing time at work, it’s not like i set a specific “stalking time” out of my day to do it, now that’s creepy) and they never say anything to me! hahaha… maybe they like me stalking them, until they mention otherwise, i will stalk away!
    p.s. do you mind if i’m your stalker? hahaha….

  5. dcee604 said:

    hey..yeah, thanks for the link to the tracker…I’ve seen quite a few people who have stopped by my page…and ugh, some people I know in real life too..oh well

  6. sometimes don’t know what to say when i stalk you though and besides, i just msg you. 🙂 i’m alright, just a bit tired and stressed hence the wandering thoughts. annie sent YOUR engagement invite to my place, it’s this saturday. i’ll let you know more about it soon. i don’t think she knew your address, that’s why and probably didn’t have your new number.

  7. jesslaw said:

    i got so excited when i first got it that i made an excel spread sheet for my tracker. and color coordinated it going from “high risk” to “low risk” and highlighting people i know in black and white. and people i kinda know in grey… … there are acutally too many color systems. i have issues.  i stopped cus i cant keep up from the hits from god knows who people. this shit is SCARY. i dont know if i like knowing how many people visit my page. especially since i think i have a paranoid personality. i think im going to take it off soon cus im just freaked out by that amount of anons. food is good! i keep saying… i have the summer to get fit… … … yah. i took that at 2am. i like doing random shit instead of studying. *shakes head*

  8. Anna… i deleted my friendster blog. shows how much of a good stalker YOU are! hmph! LOL!

  9. Anonymous said:

    oh i know what you mean. that fine balance between attention whore and privacy is impossible to walk.

  10. Anonymous said:

    I have a stalker module thing (which seems to barely work at the moment)… I like to visit the pages of the people who visit mine, just so I know what sort of people go there.

  11. keekee said:

    I know what you mean. I used to mindlessly type whatever I wanted and now its just some sort of attentionwhore/update on my life to friends/attentionwhoring cycle.

  12. I like to go back and forth to read others’ comments too.

  13. I’m the freak, because I not only have one, but FOUR different trackers attached to my page. hehe. The more I see the same strangers come by 5-6 times a day, the more I question whether I’m writing too much. Who knows, I may just be able to quit cold turkey one of these days. I’ve done it before.

  14. I’m guilty of silence… so sorry.
    I’ve thought about getting a tracker… but I think I’d just end up spending way too much (more) time on here. I’d recommend you go with a 1 / 4 combo. 

  15. aluc4rd said:

    The reason most people don’t comment is because they have nothing good to say. Or just don’t know what to say.
    It’s quite easy to go undetected to sites. It’s not as hard as some people might have you believe.

  16. Anonymous said:

    I’d like to know how people manage to move around anonymously as well. I don’t like the tracker systems that keep popping up, even though I use it myself to trace down who comes to my page. I am the person that would hit up somebody page twenty times just browsing around their friend’s list, not because I’m a stalker, just because I like what they write and hope that their friend’s list will contain some people with a similiar writing style. I have subscribed to a lot of people and some of them I’ve never left a comment even though I do read their daily blogging. Its just a hobby. I don’t take anything on Xanga too personally and I keep most of my stuff private. It doesn’t bother me when people stop by my page and don’t leave a comment. We’re all just curious cats.

  17. Anonymous said:

    maybe they are like me, sometimes i’m too lazy to write a comment.

  18. Anonymous said:

    Me know you, so me say HIIIIII!!!!!!!!!!!!
    “1) Screw it all and just write. Let people think what they want to think.”
    Select # 1 This sounds like you.
    I am very guilty of being a xanga voyeur. But sometimes when I got nothing better to say why say anything at all. Although I forget to leave an eprop (DOH!!). I find though I get inspired to write things when I read other peoples page (You be one of those inspirational writers ;p, come to think of it I started my xanga account because your blogging rub off on me) and when a post deserves more than a comment I write a post about the subject. Plus sometimes I’m afraid to go up against an excellent debater and english graduate like your self.

  19. ckn said:

    It’s a tough move going low-pro with a big attention appetite but hey,1) don’t post your picture(s) up (too late)2) don’t let out you’re real name, and surname (unless you convinced us that Anna IS your name, but in actuality in not haah. Otherwise too late)3) ….Get a new Xanga and try again to maintain a decent level of anonimity (of course, YOUR attention whore side will never let you get away with this). Most promising yet unpromising.Looks like there’s nothing you can do to fight the attn whore within. Let it be.

  20. evo143 said:

    screw them and just write whatever your heart desires!

  21. I am wilfully blind to the notion that people out there who know me in real life visit my xanga on a regular basis, but don’t say anything to maintain their anonymity so they could freely read away at my uncensored thoughts.  Sitemeter can be a curse, but I couldn’t get rid of it due to my perpetual curiousity as to who reads and why (which we can only deduce from those measly summaries that don’t really say all that much).
    Anyhoo, I think it’s best to write with discretion, but try not to think too much about who reads and what because I think if stalkers or other people wanted in on your life they will find a way, with or without the internet/xanga.

  22. tak_604 said:

    Ohh, but didn’t you already move to a new Xanga name once last year too… and you’re still getting stalked by weirdos…? One thing that always had me curious, do people show up as coming to a certain page if they view a journal entry through the Subscriptions page on their own Xanga… I guess the reason why we all write online journals is in some part to have others read it, although I totally agree with you, sometimes you really start wondering about that odd IP address that gets logged into the counter who seems to come back often without leaving comments, lol.

  23. having an anonymous journal isn’t so anonymous…I want other people to read this, but I don’t want anybody I know to read this…It sucks when other people find out about your “other” xanga…It has severly cut into the content of what I can and can’t write about…I have a few choices…I can stop writing, write whatever I want, or make another xanga…Anonymous bloggers want to be a popular read, but don’t want to be TOO popular…

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