Checked out friendster a bit
last night and I stumbled on to some page called “vancity’s finest” or
something similiar. Out of curiousity, I clicked on the link to see who
our “finest” were. Gotta admit, the pics of the girls were really
pretty. I clicked a few of their profiles to check em out. After about
three or four girls, I realized something.

All the girls looked
like copies of one another. Long dyed hair, with blonde highlights. Big
eyes rimmed with black eyeshadow. Pouty lips. Tiny bodies with big
boobs, being shown off in boobie tops. A lot of clubbing pics. A lot of
import pics. A lot of professional photo pics.

So while they
were pretty girls (I could never look like that for my life), I found
there wasn’t a lot of individuality amongst them. No one really stood
out. As a matter of fact, right now, I can’t name or picture one girl.

gets me thinking. (To sound conceited) I consider myself a pretty girl.
But what makes me stand out from them? How am I different? I too have
long hair. I too have big eyes. I too have boobs that I like to show
off in tiny tops. Am I different? My knee-jerk response to that is, “Of
course, I’m different. I’m smart.” But that’s such stereotypcial crap.
Who’s to say beautiful girls are dumb? I know that some of them are
quite smart – university students, straight As, aspirations to become a
lawyer or a doctor.

I suppose the real question is, why do we
all look the same? Like 2nd or 3rd rate Maxim girls. Like a male’s
fantasy. And why do so many of us feel the need to conform to this
image? It’s so rare in Vancouver to see a girl with short hair. Or who
dares to wear her glasses. Or just go without makeup. Especially at
clubs or for pictures. I understand we all want to look “our best” but
does “our best” have to look the same as everyone else’s best too?

  1. dcee604 said:

    blah…yeah, I’ve checked out that page as well. They’re all ‘cookie cutters’! Seen one, seen them all! That’s right, break free from the mold!

  2. great post. but part of it’s cultural… you find more sameness in asian cultures than in other cultures, the difference being individuality versus community/family.

  3. Anonymous said:

    Society deems it on us that we have to look a “certain” way to be recognized as beautiful or to have others think that we’re “special.” If we don’t conform to this image, we’re socially rejected.
    To be truthful, I don’t really care anymore. I used to when I was younger, but you know what?? I live life for me and no one else. There are days when I”m tired and I don’t wanna go out with make-up, and when I’m sick, I’ll wear my glasses to school/work. If they don’t like it, they can screw themselves over. That just proves that people who are supposed to be friends and family who claims that they’ll “care” and “accept” me unconditionally, just really aren’t. That’s just me. =D

  4. T_Stop said:

    In the end, as long as you’re comfortable with yourself and happy with who you are, who cares.  It all comes down to two things: F it & $hite happens.  At the end of the day, the only person you have to make happy is you. 

  5. veresi said:

    that’s very true. it’s hard to find girls who are comfortable with themselves without a plethora of make up and skimpy clothes. it’s a shield most feel like they have to put up and it’s in younger and younger girls now. especially with girls, parents should definately teach their kids individuality and self confidence. on the other hand, by the time you get to university, you’re so tired, you don’t even care that you’ve been wearing the same sweats the past 3 days and going out without brushing one’s hair is deemed routine.

  6. Yeah I sometimes wonder about the similarites…..probably media influences…..

  7. staytru said:

    I wouldn’t make vancity’s finest under that criteria. Mostly because I have short hair, don’t wear makeup, wear glasses, wear clothes (hahaha)…but don’t get me wrong, it has nothing to do with anti-conformity.

  8. Anonymous said:

    Maybe they do it to hide the faults that people might find unattractive. When really it’s not being unattractive it’s just the perception of girls by people is skewed. So girls find out what people find attractive and wear that look.  It happens with guys too. I always tried to look best with what I got. So I wear retro thick glasses because it looks better instead of the thin frames. I stay bald instead of getting the spiky look. I wear my plaid  shirts while everyone wears the candy strip shirts. I think I look best in what I wear. But others don’t. I like the 5 o’clock shadow but someone told me “how you supposed to get a girl to kiss you”.  I think media is too blame too because they hammer us with images of what’s “HOT”. Then it gets instilled into our head. Everyone wants to look best out there, but I think people forget to look best with what they got and try to look like something elese they feel is better. Does this make sense?

  9. Very true that we all seem to conform to one image.  I think that its the fault of the media because I think that makes the original image of what we all think that we should look like.  I sort of think that if obesity was suddenly in all of us would be stuffing our faces like there’s no tomorrow!  It’s sort of scary isn’t it?

  10. Clones . . . every last one of them.  It’s a shame that girls in Vancouver don’t have the courage to be more original.  After all, originality is what gets a person remembered.

  11. Anonymous said:

    I agree, screw normality!
    You should protest against conformity by shaving your head and walking around in a bee suit.  ^^

  12. jesslaw said:

    ugh. because vancouver is STOOOOPID. long live the island!

  13. it’s not just vancouver; it’s the same everywhere in the world, especially in big cities.
    A pretty girl is ony “pretty” by standard. If you come to Waterloo, you’ll know what I mean. A normal looking girl in Vancouver would be considered SUPER HOT here.
    Hence, in bigger cities, there will be more competition, which results in higher insecurity, which leads to more make up (cake-up), higher heels, and skanier clothes.
    Confirmity or insecurity?

  14. I notice asian celebrities tend to be “cookie cutter images”.  Asian people, especially are stuck on the ONE definition of “pretty”: long hair, big eyes, slender body, no glasses, makeup carefully applied the exact same way.  It makes me sick!
    Also it’s true.  All those people who commented above have good points about how living in big cities=more pressure to look good.  If most of us went to some small town we probably would be oohed and ahhed at if we payed the tiniest bit of attention to looking decent. 
    Anyhoo, I have accepted that I am who I am: short, wear glasses by choice (I think I am one of the few people who actually believe that they look better WITH glasses than without), have short hair, wear what I feel looks good on me, and only use makeup to enhance (not cover up). 
    Oh yeah, I think the fashion industry (and shows like America’s Next Top Model) actually open our eyes to what can be beautiful and teach us cooker cutter “pretty” isn’t good enough; you need that extra something that defines you, because like you said, sameness doesn’t help you get remembered.  Who wants to fade into the wall?

  15. i just wanted to say that i’m fucking handsome, and i don’t look like them.

  16. phil’s clearlake on xanga. you commented and i was like…HEY I KNOW THAT GIRL =P
    haha dammit.
    most people on lj i think have somehow ventured to xanga…
    or vice versa?

  17. Anonymous said:

    They all copied me.  JUST JOKING.  🙂  Let’s start a club…anyone who doesn’t look like ‘them’ can apply… LoL

  18. tak_604 said:

    Well, every culture has it’s definition of “beauty”… although it seems like more and more the North American view of beauty seems to be becoming more and more prevalent… I mean really, what’s the point of looking “nice”? Isn’t the ultimate end, from when humans started to walk the earth, to catch a “mate”? And to catch a mate, people have had to conform to the societal view of beauty. So I can understand why people feel the need to look/dress/smell a certain way.(Having said that, I kinda like girls with short hair, lol…. not a big fan of tons of makeup either… although I suppose I am a fan of boobs and boobie tops…)

  19. i have short hair, i wear my glasses, and i don’t wear make up 🙂
    … but i have short hair because i’m too lazy to fix it, i wear glasses because i’m too scared to touch my eye, and i don’t wear make up because i’m a cheapo and don’t want to buy any! LOL!
    … and i live in winnipeg.

  20. Anonymous said:

    I dont think your allowed to post thoughts that deep on xanga, we’ll all start to think your weird for having such thoughts and then you’ll become and outcast.. and you dont want that now do you… you do want to “FIT IN” right ?

  21. staytru said:

    ryc: yeah, they’re eyes change color with the pull of a string at the back of their heads =D. Really fun! =)

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