Dear Anna,

Please write something new so I may have something to read. Preferably long. I’m bored.



As per request…


 My Score Sheet

The other day, Jenn
and I were discussing all the boyfriends* we went through since we’ve
known each other. We started talking in our first year, which means it about six years now. Jenn named off three. I, on the
other hand, named off….

1) D1
The first boyfriend. At 18, he wooed and charmed his way into my heart.
And then proceeded to go after my best friend. Of couse, he had to go.
We were tense friends for about a year.

2) D2
The rebound boyfriend, who I went out with because it was a strange
sort of revenge in some way. While my first boyfriend played my ass, D2
was actually the one that was bad for me. He’d be great for the few
days I saw him. And then he’d be unreachable for about a week, until I
had it just about up to there with him when he’s be great again. After we broke up for the umpteenth time, he’d call me
to torture me with pretty lies for almost four or five months. This guy
left me angry and bitter for about a year until…

3) T

I knew T since before we could talk. Our mothers were friends back in
the old country. I never saw him that way before until one spring when
there was a spark. He and I hit it off…for an entire summer before it
cooled down just as the weather did. What we had with each other didn’t last. We broke up on good terms, and
we’re still friends although it took a while.

4) S

My first serious boyfriend of 2.5 years. He taught me a lot about
relationships – patience, consideration, communication and honesty. We
had our good times and bad times. Ultimately it didn’t work out.

5) J

…let’s not get into that one. I’ve gotten into that one too much. Bad. Bad. Bad. All bad.

6) Y
My current boyfriend, who’s been amazingly sweet to me. It sounds
stupid, but I don’t want to jinx it by talking about it and saying
things I’ll regret later on. I will say, however this much. I’m happy.

Hmmmm,…. I can see I’m averaging about one per year here. Is that
good? Or is that bad? I can also see I’m not willing to open up about
my more recent exes. Too close? Too much hurt? Too aware that some eyes
read this? (Damn tracker.)

* The term “boyfriend” is designated to those guys I actually called my boyfriend and who called me their girlfriend.

this is long enough for you, Jenn. But I’m suffering from a bit of
writer’s block. Was this entertaining? I guess not since you had to
suffer first hand through all the oohing and aahing and yaying and the
subsequent booing and hooing.

  1. i found it suitably long enough.
    i think i’m sufferring from either writer’s block or verbal diarrhea. i’m not sure.

  2. LOL! Aww… YAY! Boo HOO!
    Thanks Anna!
    Isn’t it funny that when we really talk, we actually do say “YAY!” and “BOO!” all the time?
    See you in a month and a half! I think I forgot how to dance, so you have to teach me some of your famous BC dance moves when we go out k?

  3. dcee604 said:

    shiet…that tracker I’m forced to leave comments if I visit people’s pages..otherwise, I’ll just be known as a stalker..fricken…

  4. Yes, you’re my only stalker. But at least my stalker is HOT! WEEEEE!!!!!

  5. I’m joining the club on writer’s block.  I just have to get into a rhythm again, but this is one good entry, a history of how you have progressed with your ‘boyfriends’.

  6. Anonymous said:

    god entry

  7. i hope u learned that breaking up/getting back does nothing but destroys your relationship little by little.enjoy your weekend

  8. youngAP said:

    Dang – that’s a lot of ex-bf’s… I will admit to 3 serious relationships (not counting the one in junior high). The first two lasted approx. 2.5 years. The current one is TBD. Fortunately, no psycho ex-gf’s for me… but why do women expect to get married after 1-2 years in a relationship??? I have a 3- year rolling deadline… 3 years from whenever someone asks me about marriage

  9. Anonymous said:

    Hi there, just passing through, and I must say that you have quite an interesting page…you sure had quite a few ex’s. I’ve only had two, and both broke my heart A LOT. It takes me a while to get over a guy regardless how long I dated it (it takes anywhere between 6 months to over a year to get over the guy), so I don’t look for a new person easily. Sometimes, I don’t even look at all, and I think that’s when you find the person.
    It’s good that your current boyfriend keeps you happy. All the guys that were in the past were there to teach us lessons on who we should look for and what we need. Good learning points.
    Mind if I subscribe to you?? I promise I’m not a stalker. =)

  10. I really should do one of these. In fact, I should have done one of these every year, so I could track how I felt at the time about various ex’es through the years.

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