I’m alive! — So Vitamin_D
can stop worrying and text messaging me at 2am. It’s just that I’ve
suddenly gotten super busy which sucks all the creativity and
energy outta me at the end of the day. But something has been
bothering me lately so the bitching will begin:

Last night, my friend asked me how much I weighed. At 115 lbs at 5’1″,
I know I’m not the thinnest girl in the world. Heck, I’m sure I could
lose some weight: a bit around the tummy, a bit around the thighs. But
he made me feel like a real porker, telling me I should be around 100
lbs! Where do you take 15 lbs off my frame? The last time I was 100 lbs, I was in grade 10 and I hate, hated the way I looked. I
was a scrawny awkward looking girl.

But that’s not the point. The point is, I hated that feeling of having
to justify why I weigh how much I do. I’m a shapely girl. I got hips, I
got boobs, I got bum. Because I reach for size M clothes sometimes
rather than always looking for XS and XXS, why should I apologize? Why
do I have to feel bad for that? Why am I being made to feel bad for
that? Why do I have to feel that fitting into a size 4 (Heaven forbid)
is such a crime?

  1. Anonymous said:

    He sounds like an asshole. You shouldn’t listen to him.

  2. if he’s gonna impose size restrictions, it goes both ways.  make sure you let him know that the preferred height to dick ratio is 15%… and anything less… well, is less. 

  3. Anonymous said:

     100, 5’1 girls don’t have booobs . . .  so yeah, i’m one of those girls, i wouldn’t mind gaining 15 pounds for some TNA!

  4. yay! you’re alive *muah*
    as for that guy, i’d just shoot him in the balls. take a shotgun and just do away with him…
    but spygirl4 has a point… heehee… she’s a genius!! i’m going to do that if a guy ever imposes on my size/shape…

  5. s0rr0w said:

    I like hips, boobs and bums.

  6. You’re fine. Ass, titties and hips rock. Don’t let some shmuck tell you otherwise.

  7. jesslaw said:

    awwww but you get it justify it with breasts and thights and asss…. it started to sound like a tasty bucket of chicken.. minus the chicken ass… im built like a boy . you should tell your friend to take 15 pounds of his giant inflated head.

  8. ckn said:

    I could use some of that sextra weight. I’m only 123…

  9. keekee said:

    I find that some guys have a certain expectation of how girls should look or dress… Maybe he’s one of those. Jerks.

  10. what gives him the right to say that? is the fittest looking guy in the world? a lot of guys around our age have a saggy little sad beer belly. is he one of those? regardless, your “friend” there lacks major common sense. why would he even say such a thing to your face? it’s one thing to think so (aka being ignorant), but it’s another thing to be stupid enough to mention anything about a girls’ weight. guys who have expectation about how much girls should weight (as in having a number in their heads) should die alone. yes. they deserve to be alone and get eaten by wild dogs.

  11. “telling me I should be around 100 lbs!”Bad move for the guy…….*tsk tsk tsk*

  12. Ah, size 4! Don’t complain.. lol.. I’m a size 10. I don’t think I was ever a 4.  As long as you love what you’ve got, don’t let anyone tell you any differently!  Guys are stupid when it comes to girls and weight.  I have a little extra weight in the tummy and men/guys ask how far along I am. I’ve gotten sort of evil about it all and I usually tell them I just lost the baby and shed a few crocodile tears.  They feel even worse for asking, and I bet they won’t ask anymore women that question ever again unless they know for sure they’re preggers. 

  13. tak_604 said:

    Oi, the weight thing… people are way too obsessed with weight… If you’re crazy overweight, then yes, I think there’s a reason to be concerned, but 100lbs and 115lbs??!? Oh know, you’re going to make the elevator make that ringing sound because  you’re slightly overweight!!! Pft… Ignore the people who spout “you should look like this and this”!

  14. dcee604 said:

    15lbs? Easy…cut your arm off. =)      Knowing you, tell the dood to eff off!

  15. Anonymous said:

    wow you put up how much u weigh?  congrats… i know a lotta girls who wouldn’t even hint on their weight…
    anyways, yeah, your bf is wrong….but sometimes i get comments from people too and it stings…  i’m 6’1 and 170lb but people always tell me to gain weight….
    first of all, if it was so easy, wouldn’t everyone want to be their ideal weight?  and second of all, who are u to judge others right?
    skinny people can get offended too..

  16. Guys should never tell a girl that they weigh too much.. They are asking for death =P
    But seriously, the guy who told you that you can lose some weight is out of his mind. It’s probably guys like him that lead girls into developing eating disorders.
    Wow, you fit into a 4? hehe I fit into a 6 =P I have no shame! =D

  17. Anonymous said:


  18. Asian girls have it rough…we’re expected to look prepubescent. God forbid we have curves and child bearing hips.

  19. tak_604 said:

    I wouldn’t recommend watching it in the theater (it’s definitely NOT a top notch horror movie). I’d be worth a rental though, I suppose. And if you were going on a date or something and needed a horror movie for snuggling, I guess it’s ok, lol. I’d say Ring 2 was slightly better than the english version of the Grudge (which I thought sucked…). But it was better than… say Darkness (which was REALLY bad).

  20. Those pictures aren’t for a play =P It was actually for a cosplay photo shoot =P Hehe, I’m such a geek

  21. Anonymous said:

    not as good as first, but i think u’d like “sunrise”, “what am i to you”, and “those sweet words”
    she hits the spot right in the morning, when it’s too cold to get out of bed, and when u’ve had a long day.

  22. Anonymous said:

    All I know of you is from your photos and I think you look great. But what’s more important than what I think is that you think you look great. You should tell your “friend” off.

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