Necrophilia and Virginity

***DISCLAIMER***This is only in good fun and not meant to offend anyone. Damn inane conversations with Jazzy_Belle amongst others. People can be so sensitive sometimes.

a virgin. And then you die. And then a necrophiliac has sex with your
dead body. Does that mean you’re not a virgin anymore? Or is virginity
a state of mind?

My Response:
You are not a virgin.

Virginity does not require consciousness.
you were passed out on rohypnol and someone has sex with you, then
you’re not a virgin, correct? My friend argued that after waking up,
you’d realize you’d had sex and you’re not a virgin. But what if you
don’t wake up afterwards? What if you die afterwards? You’re still
technically not a virgin and you had no conscious knowleddge of the act.

What if you had sex and then suffer amnesia? So you have no conscious memory of having sex. Does that make you a virgin? No.

if the necrophiliac has only ever had sex with dead bodies, is he/she
still a virgin? No, because the act is still counted as sex.


  1. You are so weird.
    I’m not saying that this is how I think, but some ppl define losing their virginity as the making time they make love [in the romantic sense].  So in that case, the answer would be that the person is still a virgin.
    This is one of those circle questions . . . hard to answer, so I must conclude that YOU ARE WEIRD.

  2. Does it bother you when people spell “weird” as wierd?

  3. s0rr0w said:

    I have to agree with your responses.

  4. hahahhahahah…. this is hilarious… but actually, i concur. hahaha.. (that means “i agree,” right?) anyways, it does make sense… i don’t actually have any romantic stuff attached to the word “virgin.” a guy could make out, grope, have blowjobs, dry-hump, etc. etc. and do everything but actually ever have intercourse and can still viably claim that he’s a virgin. *grin* hahahaha… but to me, the term “virgin” means that the person has not had intercourse and by intercourse, i mean a penis entering a vagina – or argued by my gay friend PrettyBoy, a penis entering an anus. (it’s still considered intercoursein the gay community and stuff like that.) so yes, sex with a dead body would still count. i’m not sure if necrophiliacs scare me.. i’ve yet to meet one. do you know any??
    in response to your comment – yeah, you’re right. mm… i guess we should be connecting and creating a small community or sorts…. we should welcome newcomers and stuff…. hahahaha… NO! it’s a total exclusive cult! *glare at strangers* hahahaha… anyways, i’ll ask people to post about it and let them answer any questions. BananaWamma and I will be ones planning it i think. everyone else could join in assisting if they’d like. I’m thinking somewhere around May/June – and aiming for it to be a beach BBQ. i’m going to try to get people to also try to contribute in some way if they are going to attend like sharing sunscreen, bringing food, extra foldable chairs, etc. etc. =) hahaha… i’m already planning inside my head. i should really plan my school stuff as dedicated as i plan for fun.
    anyways, talk to you later. *MUAH*

  5. That’s a weird debate.
    I tend to agree with you though.  If you are a virgin and then you are unconscious and someone has sex with you, you aren’t a virgin when you wake up.  I don’t think that necrophiliacs are virgins either, they’re still having sex with something.. lol.. I guess.  Isn’t beastiality classified as a sexual act?  It’s pretty gross, but I don’t think that the animal in question acknowleges the sexual act. Are the beastiality people virgins? lol.. this has so many levels!

  6. dcee604 said:

    okay weirdo…
    nuh-uh…I’m not a total loser yet..I’ve only lost twice..I will get that last laugh, even if that means I have to buy 500 cups of coffee! That elusive free donut is mine I tell ya…

  7. so… i finally see who the psychoex is?! not bad. not bad at all. shame that you’re psycho. but, im an asshole. so it all works out… right? lol. anyway, hope all is well up in van-city. take care and do keep in touch. ;]

  8. and… i just read the text to your entry after i posted. rather disturbing… but at the same time, in a weird way, sorta kinky. hahaha!! *gross* 😛

  9. there is no debate. this isn’t even about semantics. losing your virginity occurs at the moment when a penis goes into your vagina. the end. so if you die, and a necrophiliac does you, it’s over. you died a virgin, but you don’t remain one after death. that’s too bad. but what are you gonna do, say no? ahahaha sucker. stupid virgins.

  10. dcee604 said:

    NOW WHO’S THE LOSER??? lol…

  11. heyyy EHHEEH thxxxx!!! wow one of hte puzzle piece is full of CLEAVAGE!!!

  12. Hmmm … interesting topic … dunno, haven’t thought about it too much — do you believe in born-again virgins?
    (fun puzzle!)

  13. Anonymous said:

    well…duh of course…. it’s all physical… women don’t need to be alive to lose their virginity… but guys.. i dunno they really don’t have a umm physical body part that defines them as virgin…so technically guys are never virgins….i’m guessing… lolbtw, nice site(i had a psycho ex girlfriend, things got hazardous)-Jeff the black guy that can *ninja poof*

  14. Anonymous said:

    I agree with ya, girl ~ 🙂  I don’t have any additional comments to make….can’t think of anything else! There are too many already!

  15. jesslaw said:

    um. i dont think things count when you’re, if you died and fell off a building and landed on someone and killed them, you wouldnt be charged with murder. or like, if you died and you owed the irs money, you dont need to pay them from the grave. your children would be charrged with murder and forced to pay money. therefore, if someone was a virgin an then sexed, their children, if they had any would lose their virginity. if if they dont have a child, then their pet. …. i like this world i live in. hahaha.
    anyway. yah. i dunno. i got burned once. really really bad. and i think it only takes once, for me, i learn pretty quickly so im gonna hang out tight to as much cynicism as i can, cus that keeps me sane. im not falling on my face again until i know someone’s gonna catch me. … yah watch me break my nose. haha

  16. that reminds me of my musing on whether or not you’re a virgin if you’ve done oral sex or anal sex or finger sex i mean isn’t the definition that your hymen is broken? so that would mean anal doesn’t count but oral and finger does?

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