My dog Masha is the cutest. He’s a German Shepard, Doberman cross. He’s
getting old; I think he’s 14 this year. Which in dog years is more than
a lifetime.

It was the winter of 1991, my brother V and I were just getting the
chicken pox. So to cheer us up, my mom said we could get a dog. V and I
pored over the pets section of the classifieds of our local newspaper.
I was the one who saw the ad for a free dog, just a few blocks from our
house. After a few quick phonecalls, we piled into my dad’s pick up
truck and headed over to pick him up.

When we got there, my brother and my dad
went inside to talk to the owners, while I stayed in the car, thinking
of names for our new dog. A few short minutes later, they came back
with this cute little dog, who was terribly frightened about
getting inside a car. V said his name is “Masha” and told me
to pet him to calm him down. Poor thing was shaking. He was super
friendly and energetic, but it turns out the owners didn’t want him.
Masha was too hyper, and he wanted a calmer dog.

I used to play with Masha all day. I’d feed him all kinds of dog food,
always worried that he’d get bored of the same old kind of canned or
dried food. Always mixed it up and hid a few biscuits and other
assorted treats with in the food. I’d force him on a leash and attempt
to take him around the block. But it was more like we alternated
between dragging each other around the block. He’d always eat shoes –
he had a particular penchant for sandals. He had so much energy that he
would run around the house and chase after bunnies. He was scared of
cats and he liked to kill mice. Summers, he’d be humping everything in
sight, legs, little children, anything that moved.

I remember one time, when a visitor decided to bring his own dog, a
little Pomeranian, to play with our dog. Masha walked up to him,
sniffed him a few times, lifted up his leg and proceeded to pee on the
poor little dog. Heh heh. That’s my boy!

Now, with time he’s gotten calmer. He doesn’t move as much anymore.
These days, rather than run around the house, he’ll just look up from
his cozy little spot in front of the house (pictured above) and then
turn away, back to sleep. When he walks, I see his joints are stiffer
and he sometimes trips. Everytime I leave the house and then come home,
I look to see if he’s around, wondering if he’s okay. I know he’ll die
soon, and it scares to me to think how hurtful that will be.

  1. jesslaw said:

    my dog’s 8 this year. i dont even wanna think about the possibilites of… a life after this. im delusional that way. nothing dies. ever. i refuse to life outside the realm of reality today. anyway. heheheheheeh i love dogs who are bitches to tiny dogs. big dogs are the way to go.
    oh. i love annie hall. i love woody allen. he’s my neurotic hero. i can go on quoting from that movie all day long.

  2. awww. What a nice story.. I love my dog. I don’t know what I’d do without him.  It was his birthday yesterday, and he’s 2 now.It’s hard when you lose a pet. Especially when you know that they are going to go soon.  I had my cat, Skippy for 17 years.  She had kidney failure, and she started to pee in my Dad’s laundry hamper, which really pissed my dad off.. lol pardon the pun.  You could tell that she was embarrassed about it and she had lost so much weight, we took her to the vet and had her put down.  The next day I got out of bed, and there was still an open can of cat food on the counter, and I called her as usual to feed her.  That hit me pretty hard when she didn’t come around the corner.  My mom said that we wouldn’t get another cat for a while, but we found we just couldn’t live without one.  We got Coco a month later.  Then a few years later, we got our dog, Joey.

  3. dcee604 said:

    ryc: Yeah, that would make me a loser. Big loser. I’ve even gave you credit for it on my revision.  But just you wait…I’m gonna win a free donut and you’ll see!

  4. Awwwww, Masha is the cutest. Great stories – so, he’d hump little kids and pee on small dogs, eh? — you gotta’ love a dog w/ personality! 😉 I know what you’re going through — i lost my dog, who totally grew up with me (since I was 14 yrs. old), and he just passed away at the end of 2001 (we had to put him down b/c he was very sick) — it hurt tremendously, but just know that you’ll always have the good memories.

  5. annie hall is a wonderful movie.
    my dog is ancient. 15, I think.
    your’s is very cute.

  6. Whoa your dog peed on another dogs and hump on kids?
    Now thats a cool dog haha!!
    I never had a dog in my life but I would like to have a pet dog…..

  7. tak_604 said:

    Ooo… pets… I don’t think I could live without a pet… Ever since I was a child, I had… in order… a chowchow dog (I think thats how you spell it), an american short hair cat, an american short hair cat, a small bird (the exact name of which I forget) and my current cat, which is an american long hair cat (I think was the breed…). It’s always sad to see a pet leave for that big green playground in the sky, but then I guess I remember all the fun times I had with them, and that makes things at least a little better. Long live Masha though, I bet he has some years left in him still 😀

  8. EsCue said:

    i love dogs!!!  i’ve always wanted a dog but my mom is scared of animals. boo.
    and no…they are not virgins.

  9. dear anna,
    we’ve been friends since first year and i’ve never known you had a dog!
    what a horrible friend i am!
    by the way, ryan’s dog poops on command!

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