Another Saturday night at home. (This weekend job is doing a number on
my social life.) Jerry Maguire‘s
on television. At the part where Jerry
kisses Dorothy even though he’s not entirely sure he’s into her and
she’s not entirely sure this is a good idea. It’s painful to watch this
scene when you consider that he’ll break up with her soon because he’s
more in love with her kid than he is with her.

Why? Why do some men do this? If you’re not sure, if you’re not ready,
why?  Why not just leave it before something happens and someone
gets hurt? Maybe I’m asking this in hindsight of all the hurt I’ve been
through in the past.

Last night, my friend slept over and we talked the whole night (Oh God,
I got one hour of sleep before I went off to work). We were discussing
our disastrous love life last year. Pouring over the details of what
happened and why. We were both in relationships where our expectations
were brought up and then crashed down from such great heights. I don’t
know the exact situation which played out with my friend, but it occurs
to me that maybe, the person I was dating wasn’t really as into me as
much as I was into him. And maybe he was just trying me on, trying a
relationship with me on for size to see how it fit, even though he knew
that I could have been (and was) really hurt. Hmmm, I suppose this is
what you’d call having been played?

It makes me wonder how sometimes a guy can forget or ignore the fact
that there’s a real person with real feelings behind the girl he’s

I know Jerry’s a good guy in the end who means well and is more than a
little confused. Eventually, he realizes he does love her. But most
relationships don’t end up this way because our lives aren’t written by
over-sentimental scriptwriters and aren’t played out on screen.

Bleh, when did I become so cynical?

  1. It’s the age sweetie.  Age + experience =  cynism, skepticism, the works.  Keep at it, eventually [hopefully] we’ll all find a guy to make all that crap go away.

  2. It’s not always the guy who does that, ask my ex gf.

  3. Oh wait, let me rephrase, the one who I would fuck but didn’t want a relationship, just a fuck buddy. But not only that, wanted me to take her out on dates and treat her to dinner and the like.

  4. hahahaha @ gloomybb  perfect equation?
    i didn’t do anything this saturday night. i worked – dead tired now. blah.
    *guy bashing!!!*
    guys are usually stupid. they sometimes don’t know how to act and they just go along for it… i’ve had this happen a couple times too many. i’ve asked guys straight up why they act the way they did if they were so confused and ‘iffy’ about how they were really feeling… and for most of them, it was either “i don’t know.” or “it seemed like a good idea at the time.” *glare* bah. *sigh*
    thanks for your compliment. *hug*
    i only know that the tournament is in mid-April.
    i’m going to find out as soon as possible.

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