Question #1: If your exboyfriend’s next girlfriend after you is a dog, is that a good or bad thing?

On the one hand, it’s a good thing because you told him he couldn’t do
better than you and he’s proven that. You’re the still best (looking)
thing to come along so far.

On the other hand, you start to wonder if you’re at the same level
(looks wise) with her. I mean, he’s gone after both of you. Are you
both in the same league?

Of course, I realize that it’s supposed to have no bearing. You’re not
with him anymore. And every subsequent girlfriend, every subsequent relationship doesn’t
necessarily reflect anything about you and your relationship with that boyfriend.

Question #2: If a guy who say he’s gay hits on you, does that mean you’re way too drunk or does that mean he’s not gay?

Let’s just say, it was an interesting Friday night. Can you be a closet hetero?

  1. ToiBoi said:

    Bora Bora is part of Tahiti, I believe.

  2. Anonymous said:

    maybe you were too much for him and he lowered his standards to some girl he can control better. Or maybe this next gf has really good personality and he likes her ….
    it doesn’t really matter. I try to wish my ex well  or pretend to be like that regardless of my opinion of them . . . just because i think giving out good karma will score you many karma points … and thats always a good thing.

  3. A gay guy hits on you? Aww man…why can’t a lesbo hit on me…..

  4. oh thank lord there is someone out there who can spit fire like you do. i love it. the answer to ur question for me honestly… is fuck.
    i don’t want to ever be “replaced”.
    in every woman.. we all want to be number 1. the best. the name that is actually written in big black bold letters in his little black book.
    1. if she is a joke.. then thats just sad. eaither” he left u for that?!?” or … “poor guy is so desperate he’ll settle for anything…” then i would just feel like i went out with a loser dammit. or he prob catagorizes me on the same level as her in some way or another and maybe that is juss the hight of his standards… then i would be pretty pissed off. i mean ..c’mon. r u serious. type of deal.
    2. to him…its just a new girlfirend after you…it does not matter what her looks are or what her story is..[well..maybe her looks..]. but the thing is… it is only bad for us when we find ourselves feeling intimidated by her in anyway. maybe we have moved on ouselves… but it will always poke at us and lingure on and on that he moved on with someone “better” than us. that’s when it gets bad. bc no matter how much you dust that dirt off… it just keeps falling back like dandruff. annoying shit u want to get rid of and forget and move on…but fuck.
    but. that is only my opinion. =]

  5. I would usually have alot to say after your logs… this one I am not gonna touch.  I’m just standing on the sidelines for this one!

  6. i’m not actually sure what to say to the first question because it really all depends, i guess. i thought most people would like to start a new relationship with a totally blank slate and have nothing to mar the surface but i guess it’s always true taht some people do carry a residue from their previous relationships. *shrug* maybe some guys acts the same with two girls but they could be total opposites?? i mean.. depending on which girl the guy(s) probably dated first. blah. i’m getting all my plural and stuff all mixed up. it’s all good. i think you get the idea… or not. oh well… whatever. I STILL LOVE YAH… hahhahah.. my answer to everything?? possibly. *shrug* but yeah… if i found out the last ex i dated was dating a *female dog* then… hmm… i’m not sure. i don’t think i’d pay attention. (by the way, this ex is the one i told you at the swimming pool and the silly incident of finding his xanga page by accident!) because it’s really his own life and i’m not in it anymore. i would wonder but i stop myself from doing so. there’s isn’t much of a point to it, in my opinion, of course. but yeah.. if she’s a *female dog* (which i’m sure she’s a perfectly nice girl) then i guess it’s his preference or she’s got pretty good skills at hiding it. =P either or, it’s between the both of them and i’m nowhere in the equation. =T hmm… wait a minute – i think i’m going off track again (as usual!) lemme reread the question at top… hahhahah…
    oh – umm.. i say that it can be both a good thing and a bad thing… ummm… i’m not sure how to diginify my answer but i just say so anyways because it’s true to some extend. there’s pros and cons to everything – just depends on how you see it. =) like that dumb half-empty, half-full glass of water question. *hug*
    as for Question 2, i asked my friend PrettyBoy (who is napping beside me) and he said that there are straight guys who poses as gay to hit on females… that’s probably what you caught by mistake. it’s either that or maybe he’s bisexual and doesn’t know it. *shrug* i just think he’s a gay poser. =P some guys can hatch up some silly schemes. girls just hatch eveil schemes. *grin*

  7. your ex’s new girlfriend is a dog b/c he’s accepted defeat. knowing that he’ll never be with anyone as hot as us, he has no choice but to stoop to what he can get. after being discarded by us, girls on our level know that he’s not worthy, and rejection sucks.
    if a guy’s hitting on u, he’s not gay. if he says he’s gay, he’s lying. either way, you’re not interested.

  8. dcee604 said:

    If the ocean had no sponges, think how much deeper it would be…

  9. Anonymous said:

    a gay guy hit on me too

  10. question 1:  it’s a good thing. because we’re prettier. and what better feeling is there than knowing you’re prettier than someone 🙂
    question 2:  gay guys love to flirt (with both sexes). it’s fun AND safe. because you know they just want to flirt and not have sex. so yay for gay guys! (i wish kyan and jai for queer eye would hit on me, they’re so hot!)

  11. Interesting questions to ponder!! I think gay men just like to think they can get away with anything =) But that’s just based on the all the gay guys I’ve met and known. As for the new gf question I don’t think we will ever know the answer if there is one.

  12. jesslaw said:

    heh. i was reading through my old private xanga and i wrote “mr. big shot’s new gf looks like a freeze dried grape. these are the simple things that make me happy. in your face think you can do better than me”
    and question 2. its just like if a girl hits on you. right. or if a dog humps your leg. you should be flattered.

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