The other day, I was walking by my ex-boyfriend’s workplace when I
pointed him out to Vitamin_D who exclaimed: Wow, he’s hairy. I burst out
laughing because it was so true. Maybe the effect was heightened
because he was standing next to a bald man, but there was no denying it.
He was hairy. Very hairy. A veritable walking furcoat.

I date hairy men. Three out of my five ex-boyfriends have been
hair-gifted. (Thus far, we can surmise that I go for hairy, tall,
skinny, geeky, Asian men.)

Hairy face.
Hairy legs.
Hairy backs.
Hairy bellies
Hairy toes.
Hairy asses.
Hairy .

Here a hair. There a hair. Everywhere a hair. It’s crazy where hair
sprouts on some men’s bodies. (Nipples…ew…ears…shudder…nose…no!!) And the
amount! Oh, the amount! It ain’t pretty. Sometimes it’s so much, you
can’t even classify it as hairy anymore. It has meandered into the
realm of furry.

It’s not that I purposely go out looking for hairy men. They look
normal when you see them from the neck up. It comes as a surprise to
find out their hair quotient (A horrible, horrible surprise). I’ve
always pushed my boyfriends to do something about their hair. I’ve
convinced many a men to pluck their brows. I’ve always been adamant
about shaving off facial hair. I’ve even convinced one man to nair off
his pube hairs. Hairy is not sexy.*

So men, I’d like to put out this request: Don’t be afraid of hair
removal! It’s not girly. Especially don’t be afraid of waxing (in
particular if you are part of the Hairy Ass Club). The pain is quick
and fleeting. And if you’re that afraid, down a few shots before you go
get waxed. There’s nothing sexier than baby smooth skin on a men.

*This does not apply to me however. I’ve been known to go months at a
time without letting a razor come near my legs. Let’s not even go into
my other body parts.


On a less superficial note:

Y noted the other day to me that my family doesn’t eat together. I
scoffed at the idea at first. Of course we ate together,….didn’t we?
I could recall numerous lunches and dinners we’ve had together, sitting
around the table talking about our day. But those dinners were years
ago. I can barely recall the last time my family and I ate together.
It’s been so long. They usually eate dinner without bothering to call
me to eat. I usually prepare my own stuff to eat, or I’m eating out
somewhere with someone, or I skip it altogether. It’s sad that this little common ritual we used to share together is lost.

My family and I have not been close in the past year. The distance
between us is huge. It hasn’t been this expansive since I was a
rebellious 16 year old. It’s different this time around too because
it’s not a gap I’ve purposely created in a silly attempt to have
independence. It’s been incidental. They’ve been busy trying to get the
new business started. I’ve been busying working and hanging out with my
new boyfriend (On a different tangent, can I still call him new if it’s
been six months? It still feels new…). My room in our new house is
huge, with its own tv, computer and ensuite (Is that what we call the
little bathroom in attached to a bedroom?). Except for the occassional
snack or glass of water, there’s no reason for me to leave. I have a
new car so I’m mobile, out at work, with the boyfriend or somewhere
else in Vancouver.

We don’t talk much anymore, except for the occassional bits and pieces
of information about work or my boyfriend. They don’t ask much and I
don’t offer much. Maybe it’s because I’m afraid of how incapable we are
of deep and lengthy conversation. Maybe they don’t want to ask more
questions for fear that I’ll interpret it as prying and push them
further away.

So now, they know almost nothing about my life. I know so little about
theirs. It’s sad. I want a closer relationship with my family. I’ve
seen some of my friends who have such horrible relationships with their
parents. They call their mother “nag” and “bitch”. They don’t talk to
their father. They say they hate their parents. I don’t want my
relationship with my parents to turn into that. I don’t hate them. I
love them. And I miss them.


The Mistress of Porn strikes again. Click here for Paris Hilton’s cellphone pics and phonebook. Hehehehe. Thanks gloomybb!

  1. dcee604 said:

    I guess Nair and Neet would be happy to hear about your hairy men…

  2. hahaha.. my ex b/f was really hairy and insecure about it. He asked me to wax his back for him quite regularly.. let me tell ya.. don’t do it.. it just grosses you out. Send him to a professional.
    In high school (when I was dating this guy he was 5 years older than me, I was 17 and he was almost 22) and I had a pic of him and I in my locker, one chick whose older sister gradded with him walked up and exclaimed “I know that guy! He asked my sister to shave his back for grad!”  I was so embarassed.

  3. Hmmmm … hairy asian men? … rarities I would think! … usually they’re pretty hair-LESS …  haha
    (ryc: yeah, I agree — it would appear that men mourn for shorter periods of time — but I also think that’s attributable to one of two things — one, men typically don’t “deal” well at all, and so they just deny their emotions (which only serves to put them in denial & it ends up hitting them way down the road), or two, most men are more afraid to be alone than women are, so they stick around in a relationship until they have another girl to date — and then it’s buh-bye to one, and hello to the other … hence, the quick turnaround times)

  4. jesslaw said:

    hehehehehehe. you like hairy men???? hehe furry. “hey. i like his sweater” “its not a sweater….” are you talking hairy like robin williams. cus thats just… sasqwatchian. but i guess its masculine… whoa im on a rhyming spree. anyway, and he keeps you warm at night. and when you feel like regressing to a girly childhood, you can braid his back. other than that, i am so not with you on this one. all the guys ive been with have been hairless. i mean hairy legs yes. but chest most hairless than mine. and the asses smooth like cream. bastards.  is there a type.  type hair guy. type non-hairy guy? cus all these guys are like the kinda metrosexual, superficial, culturally good looking bastards. mostly bastards. maybe i should try a hairy type… but i like a neat working surface. *shrugs*

  5. eew. i hate hair. it’s gross. body hair is soooo unnecessary.
    let’s keep these scary dream visions to yourself huh! eew. black hair.. *shudder.

  6. hahahaha… he was?! i thought it was just his head. maybe i have that crazy ability to tell just by his head that he’ll be hairy all over?? *blink* ick! i’ve dated a hairy guy before.. except he was a caucasian. i couldn’t stand it. i didn’t really like hugging him since it sometimes made me really itchy. i guess i’m going to stick with the hairless ones and i think… tall, hairy, asian men are pretty rare. i really don’t know where you find them! hahaha.. you must have skills in sniffing them out? heehee…. i like how you said that they look normal neck up. hahahahha….. makes me think.. normal neck up… neck down is Cousin It from the Addams’ Family.
    i don’t need to shave my legs… then hair… don’t need to shave anything, really. hahahha… it’s all good. you can still give me some hair removel advice.. might as well have the knowledge in case i fall for some hairy one. *shudder*
    my famiyl rarely easts together too… and i think ever since we’ve created a back room with half of our sundeck, it’s been even more rare since we don’t really have a dinner table. the table that was our dinner table is being taken over by my brother’s fishtanks and my stepfather’s snack foods forhis mah-jong guests. *sigh* the big table dominating the back room is the Mah Jong table. my whole family seems to use it except me. they’ve migrated there. i still stay in the living room. i don’t bother with the back room since i don’t play mah-jong or poker… and i don’t care much for my brother’s fishes… it also has that residual smell of too many cigarettes smoked, thanks to my brother, stepdad, and their male “macho” friends. i might go out to eat with my mother sometimes but we’re only half a family then.. it doesn’t count for much. i do try to get to know her though and i try to tell her because i really don’t like arguing with her. when i was younger.. (as if i’m not young enough ) i remember how myu all-night partying and going out, arguements… and whatever else hurt her… there was one time that i found her crying once too and that effectively cut me off and made me straighten myself out a bit more. of course, i didn’t do anything bad when i was younger.. i can still proudly say that i don’t drink (i have drank but i don’t like it and i don’t drink now), never smoked a cigarette, never done drugs (besides caffiene), never shot/knifed/piped anyone, never been clubbing, and never been to a rave before – even though my exbest friends did and my mother knew that but i constantly told her that i didn’t join them in anay of that. i might watch them or whatever… or go off with different friends while my exbest friends went off to god-knows-where…. i just don’t really like arguing with my mother because i don’t want to hurt her so the next best thing is trying to talk to her. she’s a bit stubborn but so am i. (*grin* you can figure where i get it.) she’s still got this idea that she needs to “control” the entrie family, each individual person – basically, stepdad, my brother and I (i really hate the word ‘control,” especially when the context she uses it. it gets to my gut.) mmm.. i think your friends that might call their parents names probably did so in a moment of anger or something.. i wouldn’t call my mother a bitch.. just not understanding.. but she is a nag. blah. she nags, thinking she means well though… and i just point out why it’s pretty useless to be nagging me or nagging my brother, provoking his temper. i handle it pretty well when i’m in good health though.. just not in a lousy, low-down mood.
    you could always try to set up your family to have a special dinner together out once a month…. maybe they just need someone to get the ball rolling… have someone plan it out?? i know i talked with my brother for a moment, picked my words, and made him come out to a restuarant for my mom’s birthday. she was so happy to have him there. even though he left early, constantly using my mom’s cellphone to call people to talk about “business” and ate too fast – he still showed up and it was something better than any pretty trinket i could buy for my mom. but this was after a week of constant reminders not to forget the dinner. my stepdad was fine and my mom knew.. i booked myself off from work that night & it worked out fine. i just think you need someone to set up a dinner. ^_^ and talk a tiny bit to each other??
    as for boyfriend… i think you can call him “new” still.. as long as you still feel like you are.. hahah.. relationship still in the early blossoming part or what-not~~
    by the way, thank you for talking to me on MSN and listening to everything i said. *hug* you’re fabulous~~
    anyways, i think this comment is long enough and i’m suppose to be doing my research work. hahahha… *hugs* *muah*

  7. gloomybb said:

    I wonder if guys who have BO realise that if they got rid of the hair, their BO would probably get better . . . I agree with Holly.  You would’ve thought that by now, humans would have shed the hair – seeing as we don’t need it for warmth anymore.  Evolution is stalling!

  8. come to think of it….my family rarely gets together…’s pretty sad come to think of it…..Hair removal….hmmm I don’t think it’s that bad…..wait…what am I saying…..excuse while I look in the victoria serects catalogue… =P

  9. To answer your question first on Target, I think they are open just like Walmart, right up to 10pm every night.
    Isn’t it funny, how we don’t notice things, until someone else points it out to us.  Then we have this feeling that we just got “slapped upside the head” and it’s like, oh shoot, I never knew!  Obviously the hair thing, it never fails with you, it’s kind of like a tied in package, like buying a computer, getting the monitor and everything else!
    It’s an interesting piece, to look at how the simple things in life, like eating with the family at nights has changed in your life.  In some ways, I am living that same life.  How we wish days were simple, just like before, and we know so many people like this.

  10. Anonymous said:

    asian guys  should really shave, at least their facial hair, other wise they look really perverted 😀

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