Ruminations and Partially-Formed Ideas About Bad Girls and Good Girls

DISCLAIMER: The following does not apply to all men. These are just
observations based on my own and my friends’ personal experiences.

On Boxing Day, I took my cousin G out shopping. We found these Betty
and Veronica t-shirts at Off The Wall. She told me she always wanted to
be Veronica, which surprised me because she’s such a good girl. I
always wanted to be Betty. The smart, studious, sweet, goodie two shoes
rather than the bitchy spoiled self centred attention whore. (On a side
note: Hmmm,… maybe what I never liked in Veronica is what I didn’t
like in myself? Interesting thought.) And I thought everyone else felt
this way, but it turns out that a lot of my friends also wanted to be
Veronica as well. But Betty was the one who I loved and always
rooted for. But inevitably, Archie chose Veronica 90% of the time which
irked me so much that I actually boycotted the Veronica themed issues.

Something else that irks me is that men constantly complain about how girls like to go for the bad boys,
how nice guys always finish last. (And I’ll admit, there is some truth to that.) But
what a lot of guys refuse to acknowledge with that argument is that
they too go for the bad girls! Men want hot girls. What’s that saying?
Men want to go to bed with a
whore and wake up with an angel? Or date the bad girl but marry the
good girl? It’s true! It’s true, it’s true, it’s true. There’s a reason why Veronica always got Archie.

For instance, one of my friends is what you could call a “bad girl” and in comparison, I am the good girl. For example:
-I am cute whereas she is HOT.
-She’s bitchy and outspoken. I am nice with an occassional bit of bitchiness.
-She moved out at 18 while I still live with my parents.
-I’ve got the book smarts and she’s got the street smarts.
-She’s been clubbing since she was 15. I never stepped into a club until four months after I turned 19.
-She’s experimented with,…er… stuff. I’ve never experimented with,…er… stuff.
And everytime we go out, time after time, guys constantly drool over
her. They ask her for her number. Instead of being the “hot” one, I’m
always the dreaded “girl with the hot best friend”. I am the girl that
people have to get to know to like.

Which isn’t a bad thing. I mean, yay for having a good personality! But
it would be nice to be thought of as hot. It would be nice for a guy I
think is hot to think I’m hot too.

Then again, with a few of my friends, I’m the “bad girl.” I am the wild
one who actually goes clubbing and gets drunk once in a while. I am the
one who dares to wear the boobie tops, the low waist jeans and the
short skirts. I am the outspoken one with all the witty sarcastic
remarks. I am the one with most experience with boys and dating. I find
around those girl friends, I am the one who gets the attention.

But it’s funny. I didn’t plan to be the bad girl with these friends,
just as I didn’t plan to take on the good girl persona with my other
friend. It just happened. But I gotta admit, I’m more comfortable with
the “good girl” label than I am about the “bad girl” label which is
fairly new to me.

So all of this makes me wonder, what’s the allure of the bad girls? Is
it because she’s sexy and secure and doesn’t take crap from anyone?

  1. I think it still stems from the fact people want what they can’t have. Bad girls seem to have it all. Oh and they pay attention to everybody but *you*. I guess that makes you want them more.btw: i think you’re hot. however, i’m not…sorry!

  2. keekee said:

    Hi, happy new year to you too. I’m about two thirds through Something Borrowed and I’m quite liking it; I’ve lost hours of sleep reading it in bed. I’m at the part where its July 4th but I’ll have to wait until my midterm is over before I can touch it again. Betty and Veronica reminds me of Darcy and Rachel, but I only would have pointed it out/noticed it because of your entry.

  3. I like this entry, makes you think, which right now, I don’t have much brain mass to think due to lack of sleep.  I guess your blog, and how you are comparing yourself, in that good girl model, is more like the gate keeper.  And that you present this persona that no one wants to meet you when faced with what you call your hot friend.  Interesting, but you present the truth, and they say how males and females are different, in all essence we are the same in different aspects.  Unfortunately I’m one of those poor fools that never decided to read Archie comics, so it is hard for me to follow the example of the characters!

  4. Happy be-lated chinese new year =P Oooo~ I like your background =D
    I never really liked Betty or Veronica or the comics too much. They’re always fighting over Archie and I never got what they saw in him.

  5. that is pretty true… guys complain about the good guys always finishing last but it’s also true that most guys usually go for the “bad, hot girl” persona… =d – it kind’ve sucks.
    as for mister_answer’s comment, (i’m not really picking on you – apology in advance if offended) but it really doesn’t say anywhere that the “bad girl” was very promiscious…. just that she attracts attention and stuff; nowhere that actually said that she slept around.
    i’ve always liked Betty. i was actually a bit turned off by Veronica. I didn’t really care for the cash, which all came from her father anyways so it’s not really her money. Betty would home-cook and home-make most things and they were so sweet and meaningful. she was so smart and she really isn’t that bad-looking. she can be hot and once in a while, she shows it but she picks to be more conservative. i just think it’s that potential that makes her great. *grin*

  6. ditto Sarah~~
    Betty dated a couple of decent guys… but then again, it’s probably love that makes one oblivious or accepting of one’s flaws and faults

  7. gloomybb said:

    Wow, so agree! The whole comparison thing hits home!!!Yes yes, Breaker High. Tamara and that Shawn guy were so annoying. But Alex and Max were cute. Haha.

  8. Girls just need to spend more time on the treadmill to decrease body fat around the tummy. If you do heavy weights on the tummy, you’ll make them BIGGER, which I personally thing is disgusting for a girl. LOL!

  9. staytru said:

    Betty is my fave! Veronica is so self-centered and such a biotch! it seems Betty and Veronica are sometimes more frienemies than anything else. haha.
    haha. you know how you say you’re sometimes the bad girl amongst different friends? it reminded me of that SATC episode where Samantha and Charlotte go out with different friends after a big fight (Samantha with some wild woman from the bar, and Charlotte with some of her sorority sisters), and it turns out that Samantha is mild and Charlotte is wild.

  10. Amen Sister… I think we all switch from the good girl to bad girl hats depending on who we are with at the time.  I think that the bad girl is more alluring because she is more of a challenge.  She’s got the self esteem and confidence.  She doesn’t need a man and she knows it, therefore, I think that men find her more of a challenge.

  11. hey i love your entries…my ex boyfriend called me up one day saying “i’d like to conversate with you…”

  12. dcee604 said:

    ryc: what, didn’t you get any lucky money? I’m sure you did…share the wealth over here eh! Yeah, my sole reason for being unmarried…hahaha…I better go find some more married folks and collect..soak it for all it’s worth!

  13. Oh Anna, you’ll always be hot in my books! 😉
    I think I had a love-hate relationship with Betty and Veronica.  Somedays, I liked Betty more, other days, I liked Veronica more.  But what frustrated me the most was that Archie was the center of Betty’s attention, and I always thought she could do better. 

  14. Anonymous said:

    “good girls go to heaven … bad girls go anywhere they want to” haha

  15. jesslaw said:

    i’ve always been a fan of betty. but then again i always liked rooting for the underdog. i mean, mentally i know that veronica will always win but you keep hoping that archie will wake up from his coma and realize that betty’s the right one… some sort of delusional fairytale… because really, archie aint all that great, she should dump him for reggie… i mean minus his egotistical bursts, he’s a pretty good catch… i like brunettes. i didnt realize how the deeper meaning to the archie comics that life is sooooooo unfair. egads!

  16. haha, not only is Anna hot, but she’s also resourceful! 🙂  And to think, I even got a flu shot in November! :@

  17. gloomybb said:

    Funnily enough . . . regarding your Xanga nickname. There are times that I’m sure all girls experience BEING a psychoexgirlfriend. But what sucks is when your boyfriend’s ex is being psycho. Read my post and you will see. What a bitch.

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