Wishes for people I know and people I don’t, Things I can’t say aloud

wish you’d stop being an idiot. You can’t let some jerk hurt you like
that, step all over you and make you feel like crap. No one, absolutely
no one, has the right to do that to you. Don’t let that stupid stupid
person ruin the wonderful and beautiful person you are.

I wish you’d let it all go and just be. Be happy again. Be fearless.

never wanted to be the one to hurt you. I never wanted to be the one
who caused you pain. I hate it when I look at you and you seem so hurt.
I wish I never let it go so far. I wish I was brave enough, mature
enough to stop it all sooner. But I didn’t. And for that, I’m so sorry.

wish one day, you’d realize how stupid you are. When someone gives you
their heart, don’t treat it like it’s nothing. If you don’t care, truly
and absolutely and wholy, about someone, let them go to find someone
else. Don’t keep them around for your own selfish reasons. Don’t play
those games. Don’t whisper those sweet nothings, because in the end,
they really are nothing. Find a different play thing. Jerkface.

wish that none of those horrible things ever happened to you. I wish no
one would ever have to experience that. But the reality of it is that
people do and you did. And I want to let you know, that I had something
similar happen to me. It destroys you, it kills you. It makes you
question your value, your worth, your being. It makes you feel so low,
lowered than you ever knew you could feel. But you’ll survive; you’ll
live through it. And in the end, you’ll realize how strong and
resilient you are. And you are worth something. Please don’t let that
one experience define you.

I wish you’d stop treating yourself
like a second class citizen. You’re so much better than you’re treating
yourself. Stop wasting your time. You deserve the best. I wish you’d
have the courage soon to go out and find that. Before you start
forgetting who you are, and what makes you so wonderful. You deserve to be loved the way you want to be loved.

  1. Wow. I think your words (quite to the point, but yet so cryptic) will have a lot of weight on a lot of people. Sometimes it just feels damn good to get it all out. I hope YOU feel better!

  2. Anonymous said:

    props … you always seemed to write what i think but never have the words to say

  3. wow~~that’s great… i wonder if i could do that… write everything down about things i want to say to people i do and do not care about… of course – i don’t know if i’d want it on my xanga… i’ll stick it somewhere in my pen&paper journal.=P~

  4. hahahha… i know.. i did=Pi couldn’t do that… they were both sealed with a sticker thing… so they were new for sure. bleh.what an idiot~~i think he was trying to harass and intimidate me into letting him keep the popcorn and having me thingk i’m wrong.bleh~~stupid PEEP-POLE!!!

  5. jesslaw said:

    awwww. yah reading thru that, i had to do it twice. the second to melancholic billie holiday, you know for the full effect, to really get those tear ducts blown. “im a fool to love you”. i hate jerkface. its like. i hear yah. but applying it is a whole different matter.men are so complicated and they complain about us. i really dont know what his problem is. and you know whats worse than a pissy man. mental instability. wait. im not too sure about that.

  6. Anonymous said:

    Nice words… expression is always the key

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