Yesterday, I drove home and I kept questioning… Why? Why is it that
some people can be so horribly deceptive, so manipulative, so
insensitive? It just baffles me how low some people can go. I asked my
friend how is it that some guys can just turn on and off their
emotions, their feelings like a light switch? How can they be head over
heels one day and the next, push you away like you mean nothing at all?
It doesn’t make sense…

My friend recently found out the truth about some guys she was seeing.
It was hard to see her so hurt and confused by both guys. She’s a bit
of an innocent when it comes to love; luckily I could relate to
everything she’s been feeling since I’ve got more experience with
heartbreak than I care to admit. Talking to her about it all made me
remember all those hurt feelings I’ve had everytime someone broke my
heart. But I’m glad for all those times someone left me heart broken,
because it makes me a little bit stronger and a little bit wiser.

For instance, I once had a boyfriend who kept me in the dark with all his secrets and
lies. I suspected he was cheating on me, but I didn’t want to explore
that possibility. After we broke up I found out from his friends that I
was in fact the other woman to his fiance.
But now, I know the traits of a traitor. The most obvious trait? If
he’s an ass to everyone else, he’ll eventually be an ass to you. That
ex really hurt me. He made me feel like a fool. I was played
badly. He left me so bitter and angry with men that I wanted to hurt
men as much as he hurt me. I was depressed for a year. I never felt so
low. It was about then that I vowed never to let anyone hurt me
like that again. This past year I felt foolish for letting someone else
hurt me like that ex-boyfriend did. I was hurt like that again… How
did it happen?

I told my friend all this to let her know she’s not alone. It hurts but
it’s a learning experience to go through all of it. Some men are jerks.
(And yes, some women are too.) You can’t trust everyone; you can’t give
your heart to everyone.


  1. so very true.. I like your background on this page..
    Decent guys are a dime a dozen. If you find a good one hold on tight!  But don’t let the few ruin it for the many!

  2. EsCue said:

    omg. i can’t believe it. i’ve been lucky. i know that my bf will never do anything like that. but sometimes people can surprise you no matter how much you think you know them.

  3. You know what they say….”What hurts you now makes you more stronger in the future”Hang in there alright?

  4. Oooo…just a bit of information, Canadian Tire is selling the George Foreman Double Champion Grill for 99 bucks. Regular $179. In case you haven’t decided which gift to get your SO.

  5. You know even to this day, after being in a long-term relationship for almost 6 years, I fear being hurt really bad.  You were bang on about how men can turn their emotions on and off; it scares the crap out of me.  I don’t think you can give your heart fully to anyone because even people who care can heart you. 

  6. jesslaw said:

    “How can they be head over heels one day and the next, push you away like you mean nothing at all? It doesn’t make sense…”dude. that itself drives me mad. as a hatter. a crazy mad hatter driving out of my aorta cus that bastard carelessly ripped my heart out and left it to dry. might as well make it useful and turn it into a cup. i dunno. i wish, that i could stand and say. im never going to let myself get hurt again. but wahhh. wah wah wah.oh yah. hehe 3 months isnt bad at all!!!.. yah. its been a good week and a day now. i want him to go away. hahaha.

  7. valour7 said:

    Soldier!  How does one deal with the hurt of love?  Fight on bruddah!  Hurt will always happen as a part of the human experience, fear not hurt as pain is good, it lets us know that we are still alive(brownie points if u know where dat came from).  Rather, fear weakness, know that cowering to brace for love’s blows(hee hee) is not an answer.  Know yourself, and build up your confidence with what you know is good about yourself.  Believe in yourself.  That way you need not deal with another’s validation, only to bask in the warmth of their affection.  Ninja’s forever!

  8. wow …. that is tough … i feel for ya, girl. … )= can i go beat him up for u? (=

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