I am a shopaholic.

I like to spend my money. Quickly. I get paid, and immediately some
part of it is spent on one of the following (or a combination of them):
a) clothes
b) books
c) shoes
d) accessories
e) makeup
When I am in a mall, I usually walk out buying something for myself.
Sometimes it’s on an expensive item, such as a $100+ angora sweater
from plen+y (my favourite store) or a $200 pair of Earl Jeans. Usually
it’s on a sale item. One of those “it’s such a good deal that it would
be a shame not to buy it” items. Y’know what I’m talking about. The $20
shoes at Joneve, the $15 Chinese Laundry purse at Satchel, etc.

All of this leads to me being close to broke. A situation I’m not proud
or happy to be in. What’s the point of working if all I have to show
for it as a rack of clothes and a handful of new makeup?

So this year, I’m making a real effort to curb my spending habit. First, I’m
avoiding malls as much as I can, unless I need to get something for my
mother. Then it’s just a quick run – in and out. Next, I’m only allowing
myself to carry as much as I need to buy whatever it is, so I can’t
afford more than that. Another strategy I’m using is,…when I’m looking at a new (fill in the blank)
ask myself “Do I really need this?” and usually the answer is “no.”
Finally,  if I have nothing to do and some time to kill, I’m
visiting friends rather than window shopping. If my friends are busy, I
go/stay home. Conversely, it’s comforting to know world also isn’t
mocking me either. For instance, fashion these days doesn’t appeal to
me, (Maybe it’s the excessiveness in fashion today. I grew up in the
90s, an era known for its minimalism.) so I’m not tempted to get the
newest whatever. Also, stores all seem to carry the same styles with
slight variations between them, such as the cropped jackets and ruffled
mini-skirts. Nothing original about them.

It’s been going pretty well so far. I’ve only slipped once this month,
buying myself two $5 shirts and two $11 sweaters at the sidewalk sales.
Otherwise, I’m holding myself up pretty well. Not shopping. Not even
tempted to go.

However, today’s been extra hard. It’s my day off and I’ve got nothing
to do. I feel the itch to grab my keys and head over to Chapters to
check out the latest books on sale, available in paperback and new
releases. The money in my purse seems to be beckoning me to go spend
it. I’ve tried all the distractions, from reading (I’ve gone through
over half of my Lemony Snicket books and finished off The DaVinci
.) to watching tv, from trying on all my favourite clothes to
updating Xanga, from phoning my friends to chitchatting on MSN. Still I
can’t shake this urge.

I am Becky Bloomwood.

Who knows if today I’ll break down… wish me luck. I’ll need it.

  1. I’m a shopaholic. I make excuses for me to buy. For example I’ll say to myself, “My computer is becoming outdated. I need to upgrade.” Obviously that’s not the case. I don’t need to upgrade. I want to make my computer faster. So somehow, I will take my wants, and turn them into my needs. It’s a vicious cycle. One that I’m learning to do without.

  2. Too bad you’re trying to lay off the malls — still such good sales going on! … Just got back from Tristan & Plenty (Plenty’s got some smokin’ deals going on right now — but you’ve prolly already seen the sales).  But I hear you — it is good to try & curb the spending — shopping is an addiction for sure (I just blew a whole bunch of money myself on clothes & MAC … feeling some buyer’s remorse).

  3. Anonymous said:

    Unfortunately, I’m still recovering from all the holiday spending.

  4. I’m totally still recovering from the holidays, ah the credit card bills!
    Thanks for your comments on my site.  I am also very passionate about gay rights and I can’t stand to see homosexual people treated in that way.
    Thanks for showing me that the world isn’t as narrowminded as I thought.

  5. yeah spending can be quite an addiction….ever thought of having a GCI account? You can save alot of money and make money at the same time due to the interest!!Maybe I’ll let you borrow my other Dan Brown Book “Angels and Demons”…..

  6. dcee604 said:

    money…we all don’t have enough…ack.

  7. keekee said:

    I wish I could be Bex. I saw a Shopaholic every day a page calendar thingy at Chapters ( I don’t know what else to call them ) today, 75% off. I was tempted but held off. Instead, I bought a ridiculously pricy lipliner at Holt’s. Shopping bad. I love Gilmore and after 2 months of no new episodes, I’ve gone crazy trying to download it because I don’t have the WB and I don’t want to watch it tomorrow because my friend can’t watch it tomorrow so she’s been over for ages waiting for the download. I can’t wait; 3 more hours!

  8. Anonymous said:

    $$$$ is evil !

  9. gloomybb said:

    Hey girl.  Someone on my subscriptions list totally bit your piece.  MSN me if you want to know who.  Plaigarism [sp?  I’m too lazy to look it up] is so not cool.

  10. hey Gladys, I found her after I did a search on my tracker. LOL, she has copied my post, almost word for word, although it’s odd to see her fill in the blanks with a few personal touches. shows me she’s read it at least. i’m half-tempted to go write “hey, i recognize this writing…” but if she’s your friend, i won’t start anything.

  11. gloomybb said:

    Anna, it was so trippy because I was looking through the “your subscriptions” part of Xanga and saw her post.  I had read YOUR post earlier today.  I was wondering if I had misread the Xanga user name at the top of YOUR post and that it was her post all along.  But I checked your page just in case. 
    Anyway, yeah I’ve known her for quite a while now and I’m sure she means no harm.  Thanks for the consideration.  Take it as a compliment.  I’m quite positive that she just likes your writing.  Would’ve been nice if she had given you credit for it though.

  12. lemony snicket rules. i want to meet him.

  13. “imitation is flattery” – some person who said ithahahha… yeah.. i’m pretty bad at quoting stuff. *shrug*anyways, i think one of the things you could do is also have a really good friend that will keep you from spending any money. window-shopping is okay if you have someone to hold you back from the store’s threshhold. *grin*or you can keep up what you’re doing and just avoid the amlls. *grin*YOU CAN VISIT ME AT WORK!!! =D~~hahhaha… if you’re bored enough… but you’re so far>_<maybe not~~

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