Must. Stop. Reading. Diary. Burn them. Burn them and the memories they contain. Fire. Sweet sweet precious fire…

Unfortunately, I’ve been keeping a diary since just before ninth grade
and I can’t bear get rid of them. I’ve completed approximately fifteen
diaries. (I still keep a written one, in addtion to both Xanga and
Livejournal.) They’re all tattered and torn. I flipped through a few of
the really old ones, where I’d staple in extra entries written in
class, pictures of the boys I liked, tickets to shows I saw, letters I
got from friends, etc. The pages have yellowed and some are falling
apart. I love my diaries. They hold all my memories of:

Robert: “Why does he have to be so cute?” (October 14th, 1994)
Alfred: “He said to me not to kiss anyone or he’ll get very jealous.” (December 19th, 1994)
Waiter Guy at Pink Pearl: “His stare is all I need to be sent up on cloud nine!” (December 26th, 1997)
Derek: “What I’m scared of is that he said that he never felt this way about anyone before.” (December 14th, 1998)
Duc: “I miss how when we’d fool around, and he’d stop to watch me.” (May 15th, 1999)
Dexter: “And geez, it’s almost a crime to look THIS good with someone in a picture!” (September 29th, 1999)

…And that’s just the nineties! (Let’s not get into 2000, that’s too
close to recent memory.) Yes I was certainly boy crazy back in the day.
But things have changed now. These days, I’m man-mad. Hehehehe 
(Do you recognize this old Archie comic joke where Betty accuses Veronica of being boy crazy? I
swear I’m not making it up. They were at the beach discussing how Veronica has
other interests besides boys. She says she’s into exercising. She then
does all these stretches and bends in front of a lifeguard who just
falls all over her. And she says it’s not that she’s boy crazy. The
boys are the ones crazy over her. I swear this was for real.
Anyway, I digress…)

Y said to me I should consider getting rid of my diaries. Apparently
it’s unhealthy because it keeps the person in the past. I think of it
as a reflective activity, to help me understand what I’m feeling and
how much I’ve grown or haven’t, whatever the case may be.

Plus, it helps keep my penmanship neat and it helps me better express what I’m feeling.

The following were stolen off BebeinWonderland‘s page.

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nerdier than 14% of all people. Are you nerdier? Click here to find
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  1. whoa – i just realized something…. you started just a bit before nineth grade??? i think i’ve started my own (pen&paper) journal about grade 6-7 or so…. so it’s about the same time or so. must’ve been a year for people to pick up their pens. =D~mmm…. no wait – i think you started earlier when it comes down to the year. meh. it’s all come your’s are yellowed and everything???=o.must’ve been a long time.mmmm…. my journals – i think i’ve had them since i was about grade 6-7… i can remmeber having one back then anyways. meh. but i don’t think you should ever throw them away. it’s just for memories. it doesn’t keep a person in the past, in my opinion. it’s just a part of your past… part of your life that you’ve accepted. *grin* right?? i like look back and see how much i’ve changed. like… how much i’ve gotten better or how much i’ve become worse. *smile*i think i’m going through the “boy crazy” stage. i don’t know if i really was when i was younger…. i could probably check that out. *grin* i probably was the way, hot profile. *grin* hehehehe….

  2. You should most definitely keep your old diaries. It’s good to reflect upon your earlier years. Just as long as you don’t become trapped in that age, you’ll be fine. I wish I kept a journal when I was younger. I did attempt to do so, however someone found it and fortunately I had only written a couple entries at that point. It was embarassing to say the least though. Because of that experience I never wrote in a journal again. Well, that is until online journaling came around.

  3. hahaha… sweet!!! a straightener! *grin*it can be a trio – i gotta warn you though – i don’t think s0rr0w is much of a make-up artist.=P~you’ll do better than him. hehehe…

  4. keekee said:

    I am indeed a geek these days. Geeking it up hardcore, on a Saturday night. I’ve had a journal since grade 8, but I’ve converted to xanga dn the occasional LJ. I find that the internet alters what I write though. There’s something about your writing style that reminds me of myself. That or its your name. 😉

  5. staytru said:

    I cringe a bit when i read my old diaries. but i can’t bear to throw them out.
    maybe a life without reflection isn’t worth living…
    haha. bf’s favorite color is purple is why. I would’ve chosen blue, personally. unsure why he packed white socks when he really only has dress shoes (thus, making dress shoes his runaway-vehicle of choice) =P

  6. Anonymous said:

    reading old diaries can be theraputic, especially when reading the really bad entries, I feel great relief in knowing that I’ll proabably never ever feel that kind of pain again . . . hopefully 🙂

  7. Anonymous said:

    to say that having a diary keeps a person in the past is ridiculous. by the same token, you should never take photographs, and never reminisce. there’s nothing wrong with remembering the past. living in the past is not too good, true, but has nothing to do with keeping a diary.

  8. I don’t think you should get rid of your diaries — they are just memories … one day you’ll want to look back & you’ll see just how far you’ve come … keep writing!

  9. maybe Y is a bit intimidated by your diaries?? ^_^*oooOOOOOoooo…doesn’t know if the memories you two make will stand up to the memories you made with the other guys?? or maybe he doesn’t like to keep his own diaries/journals.=danyways, off to work (and a bite to eat), i go.*hug*

  10. IamByron said:

    I actually didn’t start to keep a real diary until I started my blog. I think it would be a mistake to burn your old diaries, stupid shit you did in the past keeps you humble.  Plus it’s good for a laugh when you’re bored. 

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