One rule I’ve learned about friendships as I’ve gotten older:

If you really care about someone, if you really want to hang out with them, you MAKE time.

if your schedule doesn’t allow for much time. Regardless whether your
time is taken up by school, work and relationship obligations. If a
friend or significant other won’t make time for you when you need them
to, then you need to re-evaluate why you’re there. True friendships and
especially relationships aren’t formed out of convenience.

you really wanted to, you’d find the time. Even if it’s only a half
hour for coffee or an hour on the phone. It’s a great way to sort out
who you care about and who cares about you.

  1. Anonymous said:

    absolutely, i couldn’t agree more.

  2. Anonymous said:


  3. Was nice to see a new person comment on my page, so I’m reading up on your page.  True words indeed, as I have had to distance from some people in my life due to events, and I know who my real friends are.

  4. Anonymous said:


  5. Definitely true!  Fairweather friends & sig. others are a waste of time!
    (P.S.  No, I haven’t checked out Chris Rock’s other stuff … any suggestions?)

  6. =D~hahaha… thank you, master*bow*hahaha…=D

  7. hypothetically, my kitchen ceiling is leaking due to the melting snow…i so believe what you wrote up there…its easy to find friends, but hard to find real friends who are there for you no matter what

  8. Anonymous said:

    I made time to go visit a close friend of mine today. I called her yesterday to ask her if she’d definitely be home. She said she would be. But, I showed up @ 7:30, and she nowhere to be seen. No cars in the driveway, nobody to answer the door. Apparently, she had gone to church and had forgotten to tell me that! It’s all good, though. I still her!

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