Had bubble tea with a few people tonight. At 24, I found myself the
second oldest at the table. At first, I tried to participate in the
conversation but found that observing it was more interesting.

To those people, kids really, friendships mean someone who’s been there for them a few years ago
during a hard time. Honey, if it’s been a few years and he’s done
nothing for you since except stand you up and cause trouble between you
and your boyfriend, I think it’s time to reconsider things here. He’s
not that great. No one is that busy. (And sounds like he wants in your

Youth can be so impressionable, idealizing false “gods” – whoever comes
along with some sense wit, ability or undefinable aura of “coolness”.
Changing minds as quickly as they change their clothes. Swaying from
whatever sounds just about right to whoever seems most confident and

They are also so self-centred – constantly demanding to be in the
spotlight. Showing off the newly acquired knowledge – trying on new
words, concepts like a new pair of runners. Injecting an unsolicited
opinion or view on barely understood issues. Opposite sides of the same
coin of insecurity?

I sat back and listened to the conversation tonight, glad that I have a
little bit of life experiences – to realize that those idols are really
human and so am I.

It’s not annoying; instead it’s sweet and sad. To know they will have
to go through those experiences that will tear you down and break you.
Making you question those values and truths you hold dearly. Those
“defining” moments.

At some points during the night, I thought I wanted to go back to that
mindset of naivety and innocence. But then I’m glad to be wiser now
with what I know. I’m glad for all my 24 years of experience – even if
I’m really just still very young and naive. Still not experienced or
worldly enough. At least I know (a litte) better about human nature.


  1. Anonymous said:

    I like this entry =)

  2. =)heehee… little kids. hey! I’m one of them!=D~anyways, yes, i know you’re a libra.. hahhaa… you told me that we were compatible at the first xanga meet. woot. i’m compatible with ANNA~~*^^*

  3. We still have alot of growing up to do….everyday we learn something new….=)

  4. tak_604 said:

    Interesting… but then you know, if you get into conversations with people who are older than you, they’d probably say the samething about you 😀 (or at least that’s what I’ve observed in the past).

  5. dcee604 said:

    and stop vandalizing park benches taggin’ your name…Children nowadays..sheesh.

  6. Wise observations … Hey, I still have those days where I’d like to go back to a time before reality became harsh … I’d like to be about 10 yrs. old again … back to when my sticker book was my biggest concern!

  7. Anonymous said:

    I was 24 in my first year of university and one of my professors asked me in a tutorial how I felt about class discussions. I told him that I’m paying too much money to listen to a classroom full of fresh out of high school kids talk about world politics. Its not that I felt I knew better than all those kids… but every year I look back on the person I was and feel I know soooo much more than I did. I wanted to hear the professor speak.. after all, he has 30 years of experience beyond what these kids have.(and as far as your comment to me in my blog.. yes.. I do feel lighter…)

  8. Hehe.. yes experience does come with age. Sometimes it’s funny to look back and laugh at ourselves (how stupid and even more naive we used to be)…Hanging out with the ex.. O.. it takes MUCH effort. We tried cutting each other out, but it was too.. painful?

  9. Isn’t gold bond for more serious itches? This is just slightly annoying and just far enough that I can’t reach.

  10. i like this post… its true though.  we’ve all been there, we’ve all done that, and tahts the only way any one will learn: to experience it first hand.
    really?  less than a minute for a speech?  wow… i’m gonna have to cut ALOT out. @___@

  11. That’s because you only sold them to the bookstore or whatever.

  12. dcee604 said:

    wow, i must have the most ‘experience’ out of all of you!!!
    Yes, respect your elder here, ALL OF YOU!

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